False Headlines  

Writing titles and headlines can be tricky.  The title can be informative, or enticing, interesting, or eye-catching by using play-on-words, a quick summary of what the article is about or a question to grab the reader.  But what newspapers around the world have been doing with their headlines is blatantly false and dangerous leading the world to a 1930’s mindset about Jews.

Jerusalem police fatally shoot 2 after apparent synagogue attackCBCnews was the headline after the Har Nof massacre last year.  Why is the emphasis on the killing the 2 murderers – they should not receive any sympathy and “apparent” when the dead lay before everyone. (Two of them were close friends of ours.)

Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills twoBBC news recent report. Amazing a city or is it a person named Jerusalem got up one morning and killed 2 (something) and then a Palestinian was killed.  (Well I guess that is believable because that is exactly what happens by the Palestinians. Abbas said this is a peaceful revolution;  children can’t help themselves, they get up in the morning and feel a need to go kill a Jew. )

Palestinian dies in ramming attack” 11.27.15 Reuters. Did you understand that the Palestinian rammed his car into 5 soldiers and thank G-d they were only injured, but the Palestinian got shot in defense?

1 Israeli and 3 Palestinians killed in attacks in West Bank” 11.22.15 New York Times. The 4 are equal; a moral equation of victims and murderer are a constant part of these papers.  The only thing that counts are numbers.  The real facts; three Palestinians killed an Israeli and were shot down.

Los Angeles Times wrote “6 Palestinian teens die amid Mideast unrest.” They were all the perpetrators who were murdering innocent people and were shot down in self-defense.

Knife assaults on Israelis continue wave of violence in Jerusalem”.  That mighty knife, no one is behind it?

Palestinian-Israeli violence leaves both sides fearful”.  I really don’t know why.  If the Palestinians would stop attacking the Israelis no one would need to be fearful. As Golda Meir said, “When they start loving their own children more than they hate ours – there will be peace.”

Shocking moment 2 Israelis shoot Palestinian teenager dead and wound another after they threaten them with scissors in Jerusalem.” They missed the shocking part, which were two young Palestinian girls freely walking in Jerusalem downtown decided to try to kill a man who actually turned out to be an 80 year old Palestinian.  They were shot down then.

Three Palestinians, one Israeli die in west bank incidentsThe Irish times reported last week. The Moral equation at work again.

Reuters wrote “Fatally stabbed three Palestinian attackers killed in west bank” The real facts: 21 year old woman was stabbed and killed by Palestinians who then were shot dead.

Four dead in new west bank knife attacks” by Sydney morning herald 11.23.15 Terrorist and victims are all lumped together. I won’t even go into why it is wrong to call the Gush “west bank”.  West bank to whom?

CNN Money wrote an article in which the country Israel had been erased in their map which they called “Palestina” instead. Maybe they thought it was before 1948 when Israel was called Palestine and it meant the Jews.

CNN: “Israel: woman pulls knife at checkpoint, gets shot by security” 10.11.15. Did you notice; no identification of the Palestinian woman. That happened in my city of Betar.

And the list goes on, daily.  It is hard to get too upset with people who dislike Israel if this the daily news they see.  Yet it is very similar to  the world’s view of Jews in 1930’s. And now that Europe (with the backing of Obama) is labeling “West Bank” products, what is the next step?

Chilling.  Jews beware.



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