Are Jews Ordinary People?

Recently Secretary of State, John Kerry and the French Envoy both mentioned how Jews are not ordinary people.  But like usual it was not meant as a compliment.

Mr. Kerry (and his boss Obama) went out of their way first to call the Jews in the kosher grocery on Friday afternoon, buying their Shabbes preparations as random people this past January.  And when the French were attacked again on a Friday, but this time on Shabbes itself, in many places over the city, Kerry said: when the terrorist were attacking the magazine (who made fun of terrorist and others as well), and the Jewish grocery (notice we were now not random); then Kerry said it was more understandable! (It is understandable why we were killed?) As Jews, we are picked on. We are not ordinary people.  The French envoy, wrote a letter to the US mimicking the same sentiment: “when Jews were murdered (he wasn’t so worried?), but now ordinary citizens have been attacked.”

In September 1935, exactly 80 years ago, Hitler and his Nazi party instituted the Nuremburg laws which main purpose was to strip the German Jew of any citizenship of Germany. They were no longer allowed to be ordinary citizens.

Are we ordinary?

According to Jewish belief, we are not ordinary. Even more so, when we don’t act Jewish, but try to be more ordinary, the goyim will come and tell us differently. The purpose of anti-Semitism is to remind us we are different!

We learn from these past parshas of Yaacov and Esau the laws/halacha of anti-Semitism. “As long as we use the voice of Yaacov” (praying, learning, and speaking like a mentch, don’t speak lashon hora and all other meanings of a Jewish voice) we will have power over Esau’s hand – the lover of the sword. But, if our voice sounds like Esau…

They are all right.  We are not ordinary.  And it is our fault that the ISIS and all their attacks are happening.  We are not using our Jewish voices.  Let us learn how, before it is too late.




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