It is now 5 months since I was removed from my job.  The life changing moment happened in the middle of summer. I gave a month off to devote to my kids’ vacation. Another month for my youngest son’s Bar Mitzvah and then it was the hagim (the holidays).  Came the end of October, I informed my family I’m back to work, just I’m my own boss, the computer is my tool and I sit in the living room typing away.

“Ima, when I left to school you were in the same position. You haven’t moved!”

“Not really, I got up at least 7 times – 4 cups of coffee, 2 loads of laundry and I washed dishes in one sink. I think tomorrow I’ll hit the other sink and maybe get to the store.”

“It’s so nice, now we can talk, because your home,” my husband remarks as he looks for the positive of me invading his own private time.

“Oh, did you say something? Can you think of another word for ‘bother’?”

“And I thought with you being home; the house would be cleaner, we would have time together…”

“I painted the living room in August.”

“Can you get one of those obnoxious signs they put in bank tellers windows – ‘no service now’ when the teller is clearly ignoring your presence right in front of them.”

To appreciate my blog (which he refers to as ‘my wife’s blah blah’) he tries to understand the value of me writing it; “Remember when we had our beautiful tree taken down and it was captured on utube – got 45000 hits.” (Even my son in America heard about his window-companion getting cruelly chopped down before its time from the video that went viral -well in moderate terms)  “And how many hits did you get on your blog?”

Proudly, I answer: “20! One time.”

I have written some articles which may soon be printed in Jewish press, Hamodai and Ami.  I am waiting for payment from other articles (got one today – well I have to wait to see if the funds really transferred) but whether it is my fault (collecting the  money) or not – it is still about to happen.

I’m thinking that maybe with the few months (until I get THE JOB) I should start my masterpiece – the ultimate novel – but I haven’t a clue what I want to write about.

I did hear from a few jobs.  I have no idea what they really entail, nor pay, but they might have something to do with writing.  They are still getting back to me; “we have had so many replies, we need to review all applicants and let you know your status soon.”

I think my life right now is just pending.


One thought on “Pending…

  1. Your blog looks really nice! I’m sorry about you losing your job though. I’m not too old but I have some suggestions for writing jobs. There’s a writers group I know of that may be particularly helpful. I can’t give more details here, but you are welcome to email me at for more details. Looking forward to being in touch.
    – Hadassi


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