Political Correctness vs Truth

Political correctness means using words or behavior which will not offend any group of people. Though most people think it is important for everyone to be treated equally, fairly and with dignity, it is those that don’t; get treated gingerly as they commit murder.

Because the western world has been pushing the political correctness awareness for so long they have forgotten the barometer of what is right and wrong.  In fact that is the basic problem – there is a belief that there is no right or wrong.  There is no morality – everything is relative.

A question was asked of a high school class a while ago, “If you were passing by a Hindi burial of a man and his wife was put on the pyre alive to be burned – would you try to help?” And most came back, no – that is their religion – not murder.

So now that it is the Moslem’s religion to kill the infidel – that is why people are not stopping them; at the border, questioning their buying of guns, questioning them at all.

It is not the religion of peace.  The Koran writes more than 100 verses inciting violence.

All those who try to placate the meaning of those verses, point fingers at the majority of Moslems who are not committing murder are corrupted with political correctness. Yes it is true, most Moslems do not go out and murder. Yes it is true, that most Germans did not kill even though they supported the Nazis.  But that doesn’t take away the basic belief of killing infidels or anyone the Nazis didn’t like.  It is/was part of the doctrine. And most important it doesn’t take away that most terrorists are Muslim, today. The Nazi’s still have the highest score for those murdered in the past 100 years.

Profiling was taken away from the tools of American enforcement, because it wasn’t political correct.  Forbidding security officers to screen social media of immigrants is considered not political correct.  Even in Israel, the secular medical field said they will help terrorist based on medical triage, the religious organization that provide medical aid,  Zaka ,said no! They recognize a truth and that doesn’t allow for political correctness.

So yes, if you are not going to look for terrorists among the Syrians (remember the same country where the flight attendants of 9/11 came from) than the country should not allow any of them in! Political correct or not.  Because saving your own life comes first. Did you see any Muslim country open their arms for their own religious compatriots? No?  So why should anyone else?  Doesn’t tzadkah start at the home first?

Obama has brought the country down, when he first took office; he bowed down to the Syrians and other Muslim leaders.  They now want that power all the time.  And the people who believe in political correctness will give it to them.

Give up on political correctness and recognize what is right.



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