Coming out of the Cold

Last few days I have been cold, not moving, not working, not keeping the house clean, not producing any articles.  When I worked in the industrial kitchen, summer might have been a bit hot (I used to cool off walking into the fridge), but in the winter I was never cold on the job (well at least if I was in the kitchen.)

In my new circumstances – trying to build up a freelance career I think I’m in the cold.  I have not been walking around too much, nor standing by fires.  The change in my work has dramatically effected my atmosphere.  I sit by my computer sweater, coat, scarf and blanket around my feet and a radiator churning out some heat and I wonder why I can’t think or be productive.

Buildings in Israel are made from stone, so as the winter progresses (even a warm one like we are experiencing) the stones just get colder and colder.  We live on the first floor which also means we have 4 out of 6 sides of our apartment face cold fronts.

I realize I find it depressing how much my mood and ability to work is really based on my environment.  Thank G-d I realize I can change parts of my surroundings to accommodate my needs.  But sometimes just sitting wrapped up in a blanket reading a good thriller seems to be the proper way of combating the cold issue. (Not a very prosperous way – but hey I’m on unemployment still.)

Things might be slightly changing.  Today I think I’m getting a job (G-d willing) – you know one that will actually pay me to write fun stories that I don’t mind doing for free (Shhh- don’t tell anyone). So I may no longer have the choice to chill out in my couch cocoon circumventing the cold.

I am starting to warm up to my new reality.

Have a warm day.




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