I admit, I am a bit Islamophobic.

I admit I am a bit Islamophobic. How can I, as a Jew, who fights anti-Semitism, give into a hating another group because just because they are part of that group?  Well here is my explanation….

The Koran has more than 100 verses that promote violence.  The argument in their defense is that the Tanach (the Bible) also has violent verses; “eye for eye and tooth for tooth”, “wipe out all of Amalek”, and there are punishments meted out by the Sanhedrin which does call for capital punishment.

Yes, there are explanations for all of them; interpretations that soften the blow.  “Eye for eye” does not mean the court takes out the offender’s eye, but the guilty party needs to pay in monetary value what that eye to that victim would mean to him and etc. The killing of Amalek (which Saul didn’t do completely and became our arch enemy) – today we don’t know who Amalek is and therefore we can’t do anything about it. And the Sanhedrin also doesn’t exist now so there is no judgement being executed (pun intended.) And, the Gemarah said if there were two death penalties given in 70 years it was considered a violent Sanhedrin. The stoning, hanging, etc. was only carried out after the person was actually poisoned (the easier of all deaths). And of course in order to be judged there had to be 2 witnesses not related that WARNED the offender before he did the act and then saw the act happened. (The entire act; circumstantial evidence is not permitted in Jewish law for a murder trial).  This is a long way from the violence of the extremist of today (in fact even much stricter than American law).

Yes, there are interpretations that the Moslems have which provide peaceful meaning of these verses (like the Jewish meanings), but obviously not all sects of Moslem faith follow those interpretations.

Yes, there are also extremists in Judaism claiming to be religious (in the news this week).  But there is a big difference. Every Rabbi who represents traditional including the Modern Orthodox Rabbis, from which these extremists come from, made public disclaimers that this is not Jewish, acceptable and embarrassment.

When was the last time you saw Muslim religious leaders disclaiming their extremist brothers? There are a few, but very few.

So the next argument is: they don’t defend themselves because they are afraid.  This just creates a contradiction in their argument and actually gives proof to the problem in the first place.  If they are afraid to speak out against their own murderers, I shouldn’t be afraid of being an infidel near them?  We must be very fearful according to their own arguments! And they are right. Statistics prove them out, most extremist Muslims kill more Muslims over any other people – and that is a lot.

I once worked closely with a few Palestinians; one of whom I really respected and thought he was a nice, family and talented man.  He told me, “I don’t hate the Israeli army who stop me sometimes and waste 3 or 4 hours checking me.  I don’t hate the school (who fired him) because they are afraid of having Arab workers.  I understand them and sympathize. I hate the Palestinian Authority.  They are scary and unpredictable.  I fear they can do something to my family any time they want. I carry a lot of money around with me at all times, so I can bribe myself out of trouble.  Jews should not trust any Arab, not because there aren’t many good upstanding moral Arabs, but because you never know what threats he has to face.”

So this is my stated belief on Muslims.  Of course all Muslims are not murderers.  Of course most Muslims don’t believe in murdering and have nice interpretations of “kill the infidel.”  But it doesn’t take many to create a frightening world and that is the world we are about to be invaded by with all the movement of the Muslim people into the western world.   Like when the Nazi regime convinced the Germans it was okay to kill Jews, communists, homosexuals and mentally unbalanced people; it became a moral judgement against all Germans who did not actively go against the regime . It is equally as wrong for the Muslim world to tolerate their extremist.

Be wary of Muslims.  They are wary of their own.



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