A Dialogue of Belief

I was asked the question.

How much of the bible is plagiarized from older religions?


I believe this question is based on the normal but obscure way scientists look at the Bible.  The more material, stories from early time from other cultures collected that would be normally used as proof; the authenticity is turned around and accused of plagiarizing or being on the same level as fairy tales.

The bible (as in the Hebrew bible) is the originator; and the reason that most ancient religions had stories of a great flood, is because (now hold on to your seat – this may seem shocking) there was a flood as told in Genesis (Bereshis – in Hebrew).

The reason that in Egyptian history there is a story of a visor who saved the Egyptians from famine is because there was a Joseph from the sons of Jacob who saved the people from his clever storing of stock for the future.  The reason there is story of a people who escaped from Egypt and suddenly there was an economic decline in wealth and status according to Egyptian history that lasted over 1000 years is because like it says in Exodus there was a Jewish people with great miraculous plagues escaped from the Egyptians.

The reason that in Persia (Iran) has two tombs claiming one to have Mordechai and the other has Esther is because the story of Purim from the megillah Esther is true.

Turn you’re thinking around and not be blocked by modern day blinders and the world will open up to you. To repeat what Netanyahu said to the EC about Iranian nuclear armory, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck it just might be a duck.”

Then Nissim Hadar wrote his rebuttal, packed with proofs, real discussion, and knowledge (not).

“Your answer is wrong.

There was no flood in the Biblical sense.

The Genesis story is based on the much older Enuma Elish.

The Exodus story of 600,000 men plus women, children and elders? Never could have happened.

Scientists are smart people.  Think about that.

My answer:

Smart but bias. Just because you may be smart doesn’t mean you know how to open your eyes.

As far as the 600,000; there are no other people or religion who would dare to record an event such as the exodus, unless it was true, because it would be so easily proven false with so many witnesses. Yet from generation to generation the witnesses and their (read our) descendants have told over the story.

Can you imagine if the Christian church tried to say there were 600,000 witness the resurrection (instead of their 3). Or Smith from the Mormons found the document among witnesses rather than ALONE. Why don’t they just put in many witnesses?  Because witnesses talk and can dispute.  The less witness; the less there will be a chance of being proven false.  For the bible to come out with so many witnesses is asking to be scrutinized; yet the story was passed down (or passed over as in Passover) by our grandparents because it was true.  And for a man with the name of Nissim (meaning miracles) you should be already sensitive to G-d’s miracles.

What would your answer be?



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