BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions)

BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) is a group that has spread among many university campuses being supported by the students as well as known academicians. As typical as liberal thinkers go; they claim they are out for the underdog – in this instance the Palestinians in Israel.  That the Palestinians actually have a better life in Israel than in any other Arab country, or that most Israeli Arabs would rather live in the Israeli borders opposed to Palestinians areas, that there are ISIS next door murdering Muslims, Christians, children, women and anyone who gets in their path, besides all the other regimes who have no idea of human rights does not faze this ardent BDS campaigners. Their main purpose is to bring down Israel.

Global BDS Movement

They want all products from “the territories” (a misnomer) labeled and not boycotted– that it will actually hurt Palestinians who only can receive a decent salary in an Israeli company – doesn’t seem to bother them.  (See Soda Stream).

Jews for Justice for PalestiniansWhat is very bothersome is the amount of Jewish students and Jewish professors who have been swept up into this anti-Semitic group.  How many Jews are interested in bringing down the only Jewish democratic country in the world: 200,000 (belong to one of the organizations that run on campuses) with 10,000 individual donors, over 60 chapters across the United States; a Rabbinic Council; an Artists’ Council; an Academic Advisory Council; a youth wing; and an Advisory Board consisting of some of the best-known Jewish thinkers of our time.

Young Jews are not given the tools to recognize the danger of these policies since the political correctness and liberalism of the universities have been chosen over any justice or truth.  Without Judaism to guide them; they have found empty liberalism platitudes to lead them into self-destruction.

The famous orator, American lawyer Professor Alan Dershowitz has come out in full throttle defending Israel and speaking on campus (most recently in a debate which he won in Oxford) to fight BDS.  “BDS was a barrier to peace, he told the audience at the British Library, in central London. One of its effects was to “desensitize” the Palestinians from coming to the bargaining table. It sent the false message that a Palestinian state could be achieved without the need for compromise and negotiation with the Israelis.”
“Whenever I debate BDS, I always throw out the following challenge to my students all over the world,” Dershowitz :“Name a single country in the history of the world faced with internal and external threats comparable to those faced by Israel that has ever had a better record in human rights; a better record with compliance of the rule of law; a better record of concern for civilians?

“I have been asking that question now for 20 years probably to a million people around the world, and I’ve never gotten a single person even to stand up and name a country because you can’t do it.”
“My major reason for opposing BDS is that BDS is directed only against Israel,” he said. “What about other countries that are enforcing military occupations with far less justification than Israel has had? Russia, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Armenia, Azerbaijan all continue to occupy territories that lawfully belong to their neighbors. Where is the boycott movement, the official BDS movement against these oppressors?”
Moreover, Dershowitz argued that the issue is not about BDS in itself, but rather “the singularity of directing that sanction against the most democratic state in the Middle East – one of the most democratic states in the world.” “Let me quote a distinguished advocate of human rights: ‘I find it strange that some people condemn Israel while remaining silent about these other equally and more oppressive occupations. Many of Israel’s critics are also silent about neighboring Arab dictatorships. And where are the protests and calls for boycotts against the tyrannies of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Burma, etc.? Why the double standards?’

“Is Israel perfect? Of course not,” he continued. “Were I an Israeli citizen, I’d feel perfectly entitled to be critical of Israel’s policies in many regards, as I am very critical of America’s policies. But to be critical of a country’s policies is not to demand the unique kind of moral capital punishment of BDS.”

Ben Shapiro
Another advocate is Ben Shapiro a young but sharp orator who has written six books, the first of which was 2004’s Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, written when he was 17 years old. He currently writes a column for Creators Syndicate and is editor-in-chief at The Daily Wire and editor-at-large for Breitbart News Network. He is the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the media watchdog group TruthRevolt. Here are his comments this past year at UCLA (which has become a pro-BDS campus).

“My name is Ben Shapiro. I’m an alumnus of this university I’m also a local talk show host on 870 [AM] in the morning, and I got out of bed and left my one-month-old baby there when I saw what was going on here tonight. I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Bruin. I’ve never been more ashamed to be an alumnus of this university than to see this divestment petition being considered at this level.

To pretend this is about occupation, to pretend this is about peace, to pretend that this anything other than vile, spiteful Jew hatred is a lie!

There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Saudi Arabia. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Iran. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Palestine. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing the vast bevy of human rights violations that happen every day in the Middle East, exponentially worse that what happens in Israel.

Any gay or lesbian that is targeting Israel in this room seems to have forgotten how high they hang gays from cranes in Iran. Every person of liberal bent who suggests that Israel is the problem in the Middle East seems to have forgotten that there is only one country in the Middle East that actually has any sort of religious diversity in it. The countries that are apartheid countries are those that are Judenrein[free of Jews] – like, for example, Palestine.

So, for us to sit here and pretend that Israel is somehow on a lower moral plane is a direct manifestation of anti-Semitism. And to hold Jews to a different moral standard than any other country or group on the face of the earth represents nothing but an age-old and historic hatred for the Jewish people. All the folks here who are pretending that the B.D.S is about anything other than that – I would like to see a poll of those folks, and see how many of them actually believe in the existence of a Jewish state, qua-Jewish state, not as a state like any other, but as a Jewish state. They don’t. They don’t acknowledge that existence. They don’t believe in that existence. They don’t believe in peace. All this is about, pure and simple, is a desire to target the Jewish people.”

If you think the liberal academically trained Jews are going to help their brethren – think again.  Thank G-d  the American people have actually seen the dangers of such groups and now 5 states have declared BDS illegal (Tennessee, Florida, California, Illinois and South Carolina (which was the first state)) .

Boycott BDS – buy Israeli products! The truth is it is almost impossible to live in this world and not have either Israeli product or inventions being used.  But more important speak to the young about false sympathies for the Palestinian people.  How can they really help them? By having a strong Israeli government who treats them the best.



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