Check Returned

In case I didn’t mention it before, I tend to lose things and yesterday was no exception.  My husband gave me an open check, (for those of you who are strictly law abiding citizens; that means a check with an amount written on it, signed, dated but no receiver mentioned – allowing it to be used by a third or more party) and as you can guess I lost it.  I had stupidly put it in my pocket the same with more cash and my keys.  Only when I went to pay our grocery bill did I notice the loss. (Thank G-d it was only the check missing.)

I immediately went through all the aisles of the store, then the roads and places that I had just came from returning eventually home to relay the bad news to my husband. (I even asked workers in the stores – all answered negatively but understanding it was a legitimate request that someone could have turned it in as lost and found object – which already earned my admiration to the people in Israel.)

My husband was distraught of the hard earned money, but not angry or even reproachful. (He is been married to me for a bit of time.) He just didn’t want to bother the people whose check it originally belonged. Knowing they would need to call the bank,(a job we loathe.)  I told him that

1. It is possible that someone had found it and called them.

2. We could offer not only to pay the bank charge but some extra money for the time spent fixing the issue.

3. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate their money being stolen; if he really wanted to he could give up on the money all together and give them the opportunity not to lose the money.  (Personally I didn’t like this idea, but it is good to give lots of options.) He acquiesced.

I finally got the number of the woman of the household and sure enough she was graciously said; she would take care of cancelling the check.  It really wasn’t a bother.  Then she called back a few minutes later. Someone had just called her saying they had found the check on the road the day before (right where I was walking yesterday) and the finder  would like to return it to the rightful owner. I thanked both parties probably not as much as I should after picking up the check from the finder.

I won’t go into every story, but it is not the first time this has happened to me.  At least twice it has happened that I dropped my wallet on a bus and a person had found it and called my house before I even realized it was gone. I have forgotten my cell phone on another bus and when my husband tried calling me before he knew I had misplaced it and an Arab voice answered. My husband is so used to me losing things he didn’t even get nervous. He did not envision me kidnapped and being threatened of bodily harm. He just asked the Arab; “Where did she lose the phone this time?” To which the Arab gave him the address of the bus lost and found office.

Only in Israel.



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