Writer’s Check Up

Hodosh Tov


Just wanted to let you know where I’m standing, no make that sitting, in my writing career.

  • First of all an announcement: I was published in Hamodia’s magazine Inyan feature about Rav Weber’s revolutionary gemara learning shittah last week.
  • Today, in Spotlight 4 Kids (I don’t even know if it is real paper or online magazine) sold in Munsey and other places; not only am I writing a historical novel about 2 boys going back to King Dovid’s time, but also this month’s addition has a story supposedly written by my son (but ghost written by me). Hey that makes it my first ghostwritten published story!
  • Pesach I have a feature coming out in the Jewish Press about the wonderful couple Elisheva and Yehoshua Hoffman.
  • Someday, Ami may print my “Misophonia” article, though I’m beginning to have my doubts.
  • I may have been offered a parental column, but I doubt it. I think I would be too embarrassed to actually sound like an expert when I have so much to improve.
  • I am writing, I think well, for Buddy and Soul, a new to-becoming help-site on the internet. This is where I have fine-tuned some of my parenting ideas.
  • I might be offered to write biographies of gedolim (Great Rabbis).
  • I wrote a great Purim parody (A Debate between the queens of Purim on their modesty factor) for the wrong crowd. Seeking ideas where to send.
  • And I have received the nicest rejection letters which I want to share with you. Seriously they make my day – but don’t help my bank woes.
    • Thank you for your submission. It is clever and well written and made me smile. Unfortunately, it’s not right for our magazine. I think our audience is too Orthodox. I wish you the best of luck and just in case you would like to write for us in the future, I am including our guidelines.
    • All the best, Thank you so much for checking in again. We have found someone to fill the position. We appreciate your interest and will keep your resume and samples on file, in the event that another position like this should open up again.
    • Thank you. You really write well, but it touches on many topics Not fit for our readership, like nudity and womanly charm… we have a lot of young readers and it would not be appropriate.
    • I like your writing….do you have any writing samples that are more general and not related to yiddishkite?
    • The writing position I posted about has already been filled, but if you’d like I can let you know about more opportunities in the future, should they come up.
    • If you are able to write for magazines other than the one you are currently writing for (i.e. you are not committed to any specific one) please let me know so I can send you future submission requests.
    • Hi, thanks for your interest. You’re really over-qualified unless you’re just looking for a light side job to bring a little extra $$ in. The pay is entry-level, however.
    • I’m so sorry about not responding! I’m still trying to get back to all the submissions. Your material was great and I loved the history lesson you sneaked in there! But I wasn’t the final judge. It is entirely unfair that a talent as precious as yours is so undervalued. There were so many submissions and the final decision was made by the editor in chief.
    • We’ve loved receiving your submissions for our story column, and we apologize if we didn’t contact you about your submission. There were so many that some of them just got swallowed up in the great world of email, others may not have been the right fit for our magazine, (but it doesn’t mean we won’t consider more of yours) and of course – quite a few were published in our magazine.
    • We regret to inform you that we will not be printing your articles. We are very sorry, as much as we’d like to offer specific feedback; it is not possible due to the large volume of submissions.
    • Thank you very much for your submission to Jr. Regretfully, we will not be able to publish it, but we appreciate your taking the time and effort to send it to us. Thank you very much for your submission to Jewish Family Weekly.  Regretfully, we will not be able to publish it, but we appreciate your taking the time and effort to send it to us.
    • Thank you for sending us your story. We’re on it! We have a volunteer staff (who are also engaged with the mailing of magazines, rollerblading professionally, trying to unblock the printer, etc) so it might take us some time (we aim for 2 months) to get back to you. Thanks for bearing with us.
    • Thank you for submitting your work to the magazine. All queries and manuscripts are considered carefully and decisions are based on space availability, subject matter and the quality of writing. Please know that we will only contact you if we are interested in pursuing your story idea or article.
    • Thank you for sending your resume and samples! We’d love to consider your application for a Full Time Writer position. Doesn’t it sound good? –  They were offering to pay $.50 a word !
    • I apologize that due to time constraints I cannot respond personally.

Okay that last one wasn’t one doesn’t warm the soul, but the others do – right? They keep me at my task eager I’ll be able to pull it off. I almost got that job, that spot, that story.  Well maybe next time.



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