What are the Benefits of keeping all the 613 Mitzvot?

It actually would be impossible for you to keep all 613 mitzvot, unless you lived in the time of the Temple was a man, woman, married, divorced, rich, poor, a cohen, levi, Israelite all at one time. And there are plenty of mitzvot that I bet you are keeping as of right now; hopefully you are not murdering anyone, kidnapping, stealing, adultery, swearing using G-d’s name, etc.  Okay so now we cut off that huge number of 613 and are down to a few basic ones.
Wouldn’t you want to work on not speaking lashon hora?  I think that is everyone’s goal (not necessarily easy) and everyone can see the benefit in keeping it.  So every time you  don’t speak Lashon Hora (simple meaning – gossip) you are keeping about 19 mitzvot!  How about returning lost things?  Another mitzvah that may at times be difficult; but not one that should bother you to much to keep.  I think if you learn a bit you will realize many mitzvot are common decency but with the beauty of 1. giving you the opportunity to do them and fulfill a mitzva at the same time. 2. but defining the parameters makes it clearer what actions is necessary and what is not.
Okay so what about those mitzvot that are legendary mark you as a Jew and take a great deal of your time and focus. Learning, Praying, Shabbes, Kosher, Family Purity (if you are married) are the top ones I would say.  They are all time consuming and life changing. Do not attempt to jump in with both feet – it usually will be too hard. Go learn the beauty of the davening, of Shabbes, the benefits of Kashrus and tahara mishpachat – join a yeshiva, find a good speaker (Rav Tatz, Rav Becher, Rebbetzin Heller, look on The Jewish Website – aish.com). There is so much on line to learn from: deep understandings – more than you can get here on Quora (with all due respect). First thing is you must learn.
Get involved with a religious community.  Find places to go for Shabbes.  Shabbes is not just a set of rules of what you can’t do; it goes along with the beauty of sharing it with your family, friends. (Not saying you can’t spend a Shabbes by yourself -just it is much more uplifting with others.)
Take baby steps, but take steps.
If you were to ask a gymnast, ice skater, swimmer, or a musician who is working to get to the olympics or get in carnegie hall; why the hard work? why the grueling schedule? why all the silly rules – toes pointed, 3 twirls, 2 flips, etc.? is it worth it? Why waste your time with details and such hard work?  Wouldn’t they explain the beauty of their art/life and all those details and hard work is what makes it beautiful and make it work? Anything worthwhile keeping takes effort.
What are the benefits of keeping mitzvot? Many beautiful deep benefits; but I rather tell you a story.
There were two men who were both religious before WW2. One stayed religious and one wouldn’t have anything else to do with it. They both lived in Israel not far from each other, but a world apart. Many, many years later, they ran into each other. The religious friend told his secular friend to come to him for Shabbes. The secular friend agreed; but said he couldn’t handle a whole Shabbes, he’ll walk over during the day (they were separated by 1/2 hour walk). The religious friend waited and the other didn’t come.
After Shabbes he called his secular friend to make sure everything was alright. “I’ll tell you the truth,” said the elderly secular man to his friend, “I did come. I was walking on your street (since all your streets were closed for the holy day) and I saw families. Young families. Large families. Many children and many couples with grandparents, too. I have 2 sons, they don’t live near me, and neither one of them has given me any grandchildren yet. I knew when I left being orthodox all those years ago I was essentially giving up on my world to come (my heavenly rewards) but until today I didn’t realize I gave up on my world here too.”
At the end of your days; what would you like: a big bank account, a pile of concert tickets, memories of distant places, or do you want to have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who look up to you and are proudly following your ways?

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