When the Right and Left meet


One unusual outcome that might happen if the elections will be between Trump and Clinton; people who usually sit on different sides of the fence may actually agree with each other – there is no one to vote for.

Being that I actually study this at one time, I can’t even remember what motivated me to learn political science (as if you could call it a science); I did learn a few things.

  1. The general thought in polis sci. which actually agrees with the Torah: Democracy of all the benign governments is the worst of the good types. Democracy is the best of all the worst governments. The best is monarchy crowned with a benevolent king – like King David or Shaul; who we hope to see soon his descendant rise to the throne soon. The worst is a tyrant which is the monarchy in the worst form. Communism, Socialism comes into the middle of these rankings.
  2. Now all that being said; United States of America is not a true Democracy. Israel is; as well as Norway, Switzerland and other countries that are ruled by a majority but with many smaller parties. Democracy is the ruling of the people; so the more people are represented the truer is the representation. With America being run by only 2 parties there is very little representation.  It does help there are the houses to counter balance the parties, but they are also run by the 2 party system.
  3. Usually because there are only two parties the candidates tend to be mediocre and similar representing a fine difference of the average of the ideas being represented. Yet this year the norm doesn’t come close to the reality. The candidates (Trump and Clinton) can’t be more different with different opinions. At no point can Trump be called the average bear.
  4. Clinton has proven time and time again she is a real politician. She is so slick that I would not trust to be in the same room with her. She is dangerous for Israel and liberal Jews should recognize that as meaning for them also.  How she did not take responsibility much less action when the ambassador was killed, I think is one of the glaring trouble signs of this past presidency as well as her actions. These are people who can’t think out of their own needs, not even for other government officials.
  5. Trump has hit a very deep chord in America. He struck an anger that has been caused by the political rightness of forcing gay marriages, Muslim immigrants, and whole other ideas that are strange and based on a totally arbitrary value system. Middle America doesn’t want it anymore.  But the anger and reaction is not looking out for the future of America.
  6. Obama has brought down America to this level of anger. He belittle America’s value in the world and strength only the enemies hands. This may also be the reason people are willing to bring Trump in is to build America – if not through proper diplomacy maybe through the sheer fear of what that man may do.

So at this point I think both liberal Americans (Jews even) and Regular Republicans are in agreement – there is no one to vote for. Aliyah anyone?




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