Catering Break

Coming out of a catering fog, and facing the Pesach frenzy, I’m beginning to appreciate my writing time with succor. I had been telling myself (because no one else seemed to be listening) that two catering jobs a month and writing should fill out my monthly salary.  The only problem is no one else seemed to think I was doing catering anymore.  Can’t blame them.

I left my industrial kitchen, suppliers, magshicach (kashrus Halacha authority) and workers; sous chef and dish washer and catering means now I need to cook like a regular person. I wasn’t sure that I was really up to it, anyway.  Then after 6 months of nary a catering job- I got two back to back (Monday and Tuesday evenings).  One was a beautiful private dinner in the old city for 17 in a house that overlooks the Kotel and the other was an engagement party for 300 people (for the simcha I mentioned in an earlier blog). There was even a close to 3rd job on Wednesday; but I had only wanted two and that would have been pushing it for me.

Wednesday morning, that old total stupor, energy drained, bumbling tiredness set in which I can’t accomplish anything, which I know from many years’ experience, will take a lost day to recover. This really means I lost a whole week and Purim is already gone! (Sunday I shopped, Monday and Tuesday – cooked and catered and Wednesday – fog.) And it is only 3 weeks left to Pesach – how am I going to get anything done! And believe it or not my husband actually encouraged me to be writing at least 20 hours a week!

But the excitement and creativity that goes into a job and the immediate satisfaction (especially compared to writing) is appealing. There is much contentment to watch people come and see a beautiful set table and colorful variety of food.  It helps when the expectations are usually set low and are placed on boredom as a setting.  The unvarying menus that are served at such events make it easy to surpass the normal skepticism. Catering still comes with ease; compared to this exciting world but unknown literary pursuit of writing. The challenge to demand creativity in a different part of my brain is exhilarating albeit more expose and judged. Success is measured in clicks and comments and time of approval can be endless.

Yet, I feel fortunate.  To be able to pursue employment in things I enjoy and value is a blessing.  I hope you too seek to spend most of your days employed in places you enjoy.




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