Is it possible that when the Jewish people saw God in the desert, they were hallucinating?

Sure it was possible that the Jewish people were hallucinating.  Yes in fact maybe they were eating wild mushrooms and all had the same vision.  Problem is there are no mushrooms in the desert. You know what maybe there was an earthquake right when the Israelites wanted to cross and it caused the water to stand up and allow them to cross just than and came crashing down when Pharaoh’s army came running after them.

All these crazy theories don’t bother me.  You know why? It is the  same G-d who created the world and gravity, physics, nature and all of mankind  than can decide to allow things look “natural” just when He wanted the Jewish people to know him and see miracles.  What is the difference?  It is still G-d who creates all these supposed ‘just supposes’. And it was still just at the same time the Jews needed that miracle.

Let me ask you?  What would you think if a person when he died was buried in the ground.  A few weeks later a plant grows. As the plant matures out comes a baby person.  Would you call that a miracle?  Yes, right? Why? Because you never saw such a development before.  Yet we see it all the time – that is how plants grow.  And a baby growing inside a woman’s body – that is not a miracle?

If you stop believing that “Nature” is your god you can see through the facade and see the master of all.

As there is no evidence is not surprising.  Remember the Jews left and defeated Egypt.  In case you haven’t notice, non democratic kind of nations generally don’t write down their failures. It would be wise to look for circumstantial evidence, though.  That there was a decline in the prosperity of the world power of Egypt about when the Jews left them.

And there are many details given in the Torah as well as commentary to describe the Egyptian experience that would not be given if they wanted to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. (This is consistent in many details given – that you will not find in other “testimonies” of other religions.) Why would it be written that 2 million people saw the giving of the Torah? Two million witnesses!  In other religions you see one witness or maximum three. And here we are talking about Jews! Not the type who accept anything easily. And to this day we are still telling over the story from father and mother to children.  That is a long time to pull off a made up story of 2 million witnesses – don’t you think?

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