Would you rather be rich and unmarried or married but poor?


My mother (who just celebrated her 80th birthday) loves her grandchildren and encourages them to explore their artistic talents as much as possible. One time, years ago, when my kids were still young (now they have kids) she bought 4 wooden boxes that she said she was going to use as purses. She asked for each of the kids to take a box and paint pictures on all 6 sides. I have to say they did a beautiful job.

She then proceeded to put on a handle on each box and then shellacked them. Then inside she put pictures of all her kids, grandchildren and eventually her great grandchildren.

People stop her all the time and ask where she got such beautiful and unique purses. (She rotates them all the time – having loving them all.) When they ask her and she can recognize a true connoisseur of real value, she asks them, “Do you want to see my real wealth?” Before they get embarrassed not knowing what to say (we are talking about a purse) she opens them and shows off her children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren) pictures.

So your question is all wrong. Wealth is having family and seeing them grow in each generation. Not money. The answer is a no-brainer.

Have a nice Pesach; where you enjoy your wealth!




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