Chol Hamoed Activities with my Grandchildren

Chol Hamoed Pesach: Sitting around the table, we decided to create a story together (actually a brainstorm presented by their father – Dovy) and the results were so funny.  See if you agree:

Michal Fox

By Bracha and Tova Goldberg and Safta

Once upon a time there was a girl whose name was Michal Fox.  Michal was a very very good girl especially when she was asleep.  But when she was awake, she was a bit difficult.  She was mean to every cat or dog that came near her.

One day when she was sleeping; she was dreaming of beating up another cat and killing him.  She woke up and saw that she ate the pillow.

Her mother walked into the room and said, “Michal what are you eating? “

Michal answered, “Matzo!” But her mother pointed at the shreds the pillow lying all over the floor and said, “I think you mistaken your pillow for matzah.”

Michal looked around and was surprised because she thought it was a cat on her bed, but really it was pillow stuffing.

Determined to find the cat she thought she was being mean to, so she jumped out of bed.

Her mother was so happy.  “Oh, did you get up to join us for breakfast?”  Her mother asked.

“Yes,” she was really thinking about looking for the cat.

Her mother said, “Go, then,  find that cat. And then we all can have breakfast together.”

So Michal left the den and looked for the family’s breakfast so the Foxes could have their morning meal.


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