Tallies from Pesach

12 kilos of matzah

30 kilos of potatoes

10 kilos of oranges

10 kilos of carrots

8 kilos of apples

10 kilos of cucumbers

6 kilos of pears

14 chickens

330 eggs 

(Not counting the meat, dried fruit, nuts, coconut, tomatoes, paper cups, and the few must need to buy pans, knives and peelers and the lot. Or for that matter the cleaning previously financial dent.)

= A costly Pesach and a lot of work.

But I love it. And of course it is the time of the year we don’t hold back on expenses too much. And the most amazing thing; my fridge is empty (during the week I had two fridges running and a separate freezer).  Having all my kids and grandkids for most of the holiday- may have something to do with the above tallies.

But to contrast the food tally to understand the fun; we need to calaculate the activities:

7 books read to kids


2 books and lots of magazines to myself

2 painting sessions with grandchildren

1 writing session with kids

Bbq and biking park

Trip to the woods

Hebron musical visit

Tour of old city and Kotel

And lots of meals and talking

Oh yeah, and we had a Seder.

Image result for pictures of adding up

=I think it all adds up to a great Pesach –

hopes yours was the same.



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