Should I marry the one I love or the one my parents want to arrange?

This is not a Jewish question; but a person from probably an Arab, Indian, or another culture. I think the idea though is important for everyone.
To marry someone only because you love them is not enough.  You need to have similar goals, dreams, way of communicating, having similar background is usually very helpful.  Love is usually not love (since real love takes years to cultivate,  and build with challenges and effort) what you are talking about is infatuation which usually last for 3 months to a year.

That doesn’t mean you need to capitulate to your parents, but it does mean you should not pay attention to them either. Check out your ‘love’ and see if she/he have any other qualifications that will fulfill all your needs. And be open to what ideas your parents are suggesting – maybe the person is not a bad choice.

In most cases, parents are trying to do the best for their children and have a maturity to see lots of angles they you can’t; especially if you got involved with someone without checking to see if the whole package of the person is suitable for you.  Your emotions, and physical desire can get in way of your common sense.



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