The house I Grew Up In

They sold the house last week after almost 50 years. It is a filled house.

From the three bathrooms cabinets hiding the many toothpaste, 12 band aid cases and 8 quarts of hydroperoxide,2 10 lb bags of dog food, files of newspapers my mother cut out to saved and all the other things that look-so-good- I’m- sure- there- will- be- a- need- for- it.

It is filled with all the awards they were honored from the Jewish federation, to the home living and the temple.  It is filled with 100 individual personalized mugs, 36 hand crafted menorahs, and 209 pottery pieces that all have been used at least once.  It is filled with books, classics, textbooks, novels, detective and spy stories and children’s books that open, fold, sing and can be played.  It is filled with all the recorders, broken phone and computer parts and cassettes.  It is filled pictures of the early days, the cross country trips, pictures from my grandparents, some are in albums and more are in boxes. There are framed pictures that my children drew from early age and up. There are stacks of the favorite playbills of the thousands and thousands of shows they have seen over the years. Records, tapes, cds, and even still some old 8×8 reels of film that my grandfather once tried to produce are stored somewhere.  There is a left handed tefillin somewhere buried in  the deep in the bowels of the crawl space and other people’s suitcases ‘filled with hard to throw away, but they’ll just leave it here until they get it’ stuff .  In there is the showboat that we played as kids – that came with the story, characters, scenes and a showboat to perform from.

The house is filled with all the laughter, the scenes, the memories, the holidays, the many, many parties for all occasions.  The house is filled with the making of a family; with all the many stories, bruises, triumph and happiness. It is a house filled with Jewish naches –

It was the house my mother built. And by the end of the summer it will belong to another family.  My parents will have move on to another house; smaller one for just the two of them; which they will try to make into a home.



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