Wise and Insightful

There are so many wise and insightful sayings in the world, and even more so in Jewish tradition. I personally always like the sayings that are found in the mishna called Perkei Avot loosely translated as the Sayings of Our Fathers.

One of the them says:

Ben Zoma says:
Who is wise?
The one who learns from every person…
Who is brave?
The one who subdues his negative inclination…
Who is rich?
The one who is appreciates what he has…
Who is honored?
The one who gives honor to others…
(Talmud – Avot 4:1)

Like all good sayings it is good int that you don’t know where it is heading – but the deeper you go the more powerful and of course only True!

A wise person understands there is so much to learn and everyone has what to teach – even the wicked. From them you can learn what NOT to do.

To be brave is to be able to fight that part of you who says “No, I don’t want to try this. It will be too hard, too personal, too out of my comfort zone” or whatever holds a person back from growing and becoming a bigger and better person.

As it is said, “a person who has a 100 will want 200 and a person with 200 will need 400”. There is no end of wanting/needing in the physical world. The real blessing is to be happy with what you have.

A person who runs after honor and does it everything for the sake of honor will be disgraced. But a person who has no need for honor but does what he should and helps others – he will be honored. (a bit of a catch 22) .

It is said that Moses the greatest prophet in world history, the only one to ever speak to G-d intimately was considered the humblest. How could that be? Actually it is quite understandable. Moses had the clearest understanding of G-d; thus no matter what Moses accomplished could only pale next to G-d. Thus Moses is the example given of someone who was honored yet was the humblest.


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