What is Two?

The Number Series  What is Two?

Hashem created man…male and female He created them

The world started with two; man and woman. All the animals were first made as a couple and again when they came on Noah’s ark.  Look in nature; there are two in all our sights;  heaven and earth, night and day, land and sea, hills and the valleys.

We have two arms attached to two hands, and then the parallel in our legs.  We have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and the body is divided with a front and a back, the upper half and lower half, the right side and the left side.

Two implies opposite; though it does not have to mean in the negative terms; rather in the complimentary terms.  A couple can be different from each other; but hopefully they supplement the missing pieces so when they join to create a united front – we call marriage- they are completed.

At Havdalah; we list more coupled distinctions; between Israel and other nations, the Jews and gentiles, between the sacred and profane/secular, between light and darkness, between the Sabbath and the rest of the days.

It is a strange world; today people want to imply there are more than just man and women. Suddenly transgenders are supposedly people who straddle the abyss in between. But in reality they can only be one or the other with great sympathy for the other side.

We are reminded that there were two luchos in the song sang at Pesach about all the numbers. There were two stones embossed with the words of the 10 commandments split in 5 on each.  The approach is to remind us of our approach to life; mitzvoth that are to build our relationship with G-d and the mitzvoth that are to build our relationship with other people.

Two is the only even number that is a primary number. This is understandable, since it is the first even number. And perhaps from here we learn that though all even  numbers can be divided with 2, when you go back to the basic; there is only the primary base – a man and a women, a couple; the start of every family; which should not be divided.

Bet – ב is two; the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet. ‘Bet’ is also the same word for a home. (Most of the Hebrew letters name is also a word for something else – which we than can learn deeper meanings.) The beginning of a home a Beit is the married couple.




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