Why is it a debate?

Why is it a choice between gun control or clamping down on terrorist and move away from the destructive political correct attitudes of the United States? Do both.

Mateen the ‘ISIS’ murderer in Florida according to one report I read said, “was a security guard and had a Florida firearms license that allowed him to carry concealed weapons.”

If that is the case; a proper gun law would not have stopped him. He still would have had the gun. The question how did he get that license if he was being investigated showed agreement with the Boston marathon bombing? The gun laws have to be fixed – but terrorists should not be tolerated! I don’t understand why all the discussions are one or the other.

In Israel no one can have a gun concealed or otherwise unless they have a licensee  which needs to be renewed (and reviewed) every year as well as proper classes about gun safety every year.  We don’t have mass murders going on with guns.  We have terrorists, but we watch them, stop them, and get a lot of flack about that.  Is it really worth the value of having free arms and free freedom of religion – and have these manics being allowed into the country?

Seriously America get your priorities straight.  It doesn’t have to be a choice.  Say no to bad gun laws. Say no to terrorists.  Don’t tolerate either!


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