What is Four?

Numeral series

Four is the matriarchs: Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. Four in Hebrew is a Dalet – a door.  A door has four corners and works on a hinge allowing the entrance and exit of all those who want to be contained in the house.  Four is the basic shape of stability; a table, chair, stool, desk all have four legs as well as a square and a rectangle – the most basic shape seen in architecture.

There have been four exiles; Egypt, Persia, Greece and now we are considered in the longest exile of all – Rome – the western ideology.  We celebrate each end of exile with wine and good food;  Pesach,  Purim and Chanukah.  Imagine the great holiday we will enjoy when this long and final exile will end and redemption will be here with the heralding in the age of Meshiach.

There are the four sons: the wise, the wicked, the simple and the one who doesn’t know how to ask.  There are four cups of wine that allude to the four redemption.  There are four species of tree bearing fruit we take on Succos; the esrog; the pretty and beautiful in smell, the lulav the long straight one, the hadasim which are nice and the arava which bear no fruit, smell or pretty sight.  The symbols of different Jews, but without all of the types we could not survive or fulfill the mitzva. There is the four mitzvot on Purim; mishte – a drinking meal, mishloch manos, megilah, Matanot l’Evyonim – giving to the poor.

Four is a four letter word.  As well as love and hate, work and play, and pray and seek.

Four is solid and the first number that can be divided by two.  Two shows her dual power in four since divided, subtracted or by the power it is two.  Before we finish; four is the action one takes to show they are positive – they are for remembering and not forgetting.



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