What is Five?

Numeral series

Five are the books of Moses – the Chumash.  Five are the books of Psalms – Tehllim.  The Muslims are know for praying 5 times a day which is believed to be taken from the Jews Yom Kippur service when Jews prostrate themselves (like we see the Muslims do) and have 5 set praying times; Maariv, Scharchis, Mussuf, Mincha and Nehila.

The 10 commandments were written on 2 luchos – tablets – two of them each with 5 commandments. The division demonstrates the parallel of each commandment to each other. One tablet represented the Jews relationship with other men and the other tablet is the relationship a Jew has with his G-d. And yet they are intertwined to each other.

Five is a primary number.  Five is half way; when everything is based on ten.

Five is our fingers and our toes.  Although only the star fish have 5 appendages, since most animals have appendages that come coupled in pairs of two; yet most animals have 5 fingers or toes or whatever they are called on any particular animal.

Though it is common for Jews to have twins, I don’t know how common it is to have neighbours’ with large multiple births.  Our neighbour where we live now had quadruplets – that is four. And when we lived in Zichron Yaakov in the north of Israel, we used to live near the Brooks who are known among many things for their quintuplets – birth of 5 children at once (who are all married today – bli ayan hora).

The expression “Give me 5” means approval with a slap of a hand shake.  “High 5” similar meaning but done in a higher altitude. “Five by five is a phrase used in radio communication to mean “I understand you perfectly”.

The American government sits in a building that is laid out a like a 5 pointed star and is called the pentagon. Growing up I remember the “Jackson 5” (when little Michael was cute and young) and Hawaii 5-O – a detective story.

We have 5 senses; smelling, seeing, feeling, hearing and tasting. It is through these senses that we understand our world and can contemplate the wonders of our world.

Five is a number that is easy to multiply and seems to cause good cheer.



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