Jew’s Uniqueness

Well the Jews have never been big in number; only in their uniqueness.  Now if you were to think about it, Jews who have been the longest people around. Longer than the Chinese, they should be the largest group in the world – yet we are minuscule.  Think Chinese- they are the largest group.

So what makes us unique? I could site all the Nobel prizes, technologies advancement, the artists, philosophers, politicians, interest group leaders which are all over represented by Jews (for good and bad) especially when compared to the Jewish overall percentage in the world .003%!  That would be grounds for uniqueness. (I could name that Jews who had a piece of real estate 3000 years ago; and even after being thrown out, prayed three times a day about it, facing towards it, mentioning it even when we thank G-d for our food, and finally against all odds got the land back, been fighting and dying for it still after 68 years and even made the ancient language the national language. And not only that they made the malaria infested swamps and dessert bloom, and technology soar. This is pretty unique – unheard of in the world history.

Or I could mentioned that Jews were the first peoples to recognize that there is one G-d and no other, which in today’s world is either accepted or people have a hard time believing in any god much less one and don’t even think about more gods.

But what I think is unique about the Jews is that we are the only people in the world who can claim that over 600,000 men – meaning probably 3 million people stood at Mt Sinai and witnessed together the giving of the Tablets which had written on them the 10 commandments and the oral learning of the entire Torah which actually consist of 613 commandments for Jews. There is no other people who have or will ever be able to make that claim. And even though Jews tend to be a bit skeptical and deniers – until recent history Jews all kept this tradition passed down on Passover and Shauvos. This is actually an amazing claim!

Every other religion has a beginning and a revelation – but they all consist of either one to maybe three people. Only the Jews claim so many witnesses. And no one else will ever be able to because it could easily be denied.


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