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This is my 100th blog.  Now, I know most of you have probably barely read twenty of the blogs (not your fault – only mine), I won’t even mention how often my immediate family reads my blog.  But in any case, I thought I needed a write up – to see where I am holding – in this writing business.

It is exactly a year ago I was fired from Shapell’s.  I am indebted to them for having putting up with me for nine years, helping me find my son-in-law, and also for firing me.  I love my new less stressful not as tiring but still incredibly creative work.

So what have I accomplished in this blog? Well you dear reader have been my testing ground to examine the worthiness of some pieces or just to visualize a thought ‘published’, even if only 4 people actually look at it.

I have discovered Quora  who I quote a lot in these pages.  It is a website, for usually serious questions, in anything,  who ‘pay’ every once and a while with fake titles such as, “most read writer on halal” (Arabic kashrus – seriously!) or “Most Viewed Writer (top 10) in Torah” and more.  As you can imagine it isn’t the absolutely most scholarly work – but  it is usually well written. It can be fairly reliable due; to the downvote someone can get if they are a ‘troll’ or if it is just wrong. As of date I have had 615,000 views and almost a 1000 upvotes (the opposite of a downvote.) In this blog I have had only 1,870 views total with and a dozen comments.  Not complaining mind you – it is truly magnanimous of any of you joining me at all, as I bumble along in this blog.

To give you my professional report as of today:

  • Although I was accepted, I have not been published in Ami magazine as I had hoped. I need to rewrite.
  • I have recently been published in Jewish press featuring Aliza Bulow  and her wonderful daughter and son-in-law, Yehoshua Hoffman in a previous feature of their “Hoffman’s Miraculous Marriage”. 
  • I wrote for a website for about four months; all about Authoritative Parenting which I guess got me ready for Rav Weber.
  • In Hamodai, I wrote an article about Rav Weber and his shitta on gemora learning.  He (not me) got so many calls from the article, he asked me to write his book!! That is what I spend most of my time now.
  • Wrote for a finance website for a month or so, which was not an easy task, since I know so little of the business world.
  • This time last year I wrote an interview with Josephus for Mishpacha magazine’s children section; which was a lot of fun and helped me get a job. 
  • Thoroughly enjoyed, writing a fictional historical children’s serial in Spotlight 4 Kids about two boys through a time machine ended back in Dovid HaMelech’s time period.magazine 2
  • For free; I wrote a story pretending I was Yosef, my son for Spotlight 4 Kids, a parenting article for 3T’s magazine put out in Betar by Tzirel Kreiger, a 3 paragraph filler for Neve’s newsletter, besides, of course, this very blog.
  • I am an avid fan of Faigel Safran’s writing workshop and will be joining soon Suri Brand’s copyediting course.
  • I wrote a story for Chicken soup for the Soul; American spirit.  Got 10 free books and some day soon I hope to see a check in the mail.
  • Wrote up a manuscript about the Magna Carta, and got the Josephus job instead.  I have written up a novelette about my daughter’s shidduch, but it still needs work.  And I have an idea of my great novel; featuring the three sisters of the Liss family; back 140 years ago – one went to America, one went to Israel and one started in Israel and gave up and went to the USof A, as well.
  • I probably have 10 or more stories that I would love to sell, and will get to it some day.

Now, that I have gone through all that; it doesn’t sound like too much, but there are some exciting developments.  Two places asked me to fix up the said stories I mentioned above, one will accept a column from Rav Weber (via me) for free, another person has asked for me to write his book, …

And in this past year I actually have been offered the two dream jobs I would have wanted 10 years ago; running Aish or Neve’s kitchen; but I turned them down for maybe not greener pastures, but at least for a calmer life.

I hope the next year will be as much fun and even more profitable.

Thanks to you all for being there.  I love hearing from you.  Happy 100th!



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