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Tziyona  Orthodox Jew living in Israel

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The Political battles are being slewed out in the pages of Quora. I answered the question; ‘Journalism: Which is the most misleading photo ever taken?’

Which I have already shared with you, but I am glad to show you again: and a few other pictures taken by the Palestinians to win public support through lies.

As of now, there over 20 comments; some in approval, many anti-Israel/Jewish.  It is rewarding to be part of clarifying with the ones who are anti – but have taken time to say why – to give them some facts that they may never had encounter before.  Believe me; I’m not convincing anyone yet.  But I believe it will have some effect.  Especially when I pointed out that not one person would reject my claim that the pictures shown were not fake from Pallywood. That was agreed upon the only answer to that is ; if the Palestinians are faking it – it must be that Israeli’s are too.  No proof, or otherwise.  How far people go to deny reality.  Here is some of what is being argued in Quora.

Stav Bartel, 1.7k Views · Most Viewed Writer in Palestinians

.In 1947, the Palestinian rejected the plan.

In 1949–1967, the Palestinians didn’t control any land at all

In 1994 the Palestinians had self government for the first time in History, with the size of around 5% of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

As of 2005, the Palestinian self government was a total of 45% of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

This is the reality on ground


Yassine Qalati

I have got to give you Israelis one thing, you are brilliant propagandists. The Palestinians should learn from your conniving and slithering, instead of voting for buffoons like Hamas. You people will talk yourselves out of hell.

It’s a psychotic argument, I think


David Cardellini

Yassine: I have seen and agree with several of your other posts. I am neither Israeli nor Jewish, but am thoroughly confused by your comment here.

Stav’s map is labeled “Palestinian-Arab Political Control.” Based on that label, those maps (Stav’s) look entirely accurate by every historical record I can find.


The British were in absolute Political, Police, and Military control of that region.

The Jews were highly-organized, and had been building the semblance of a state for the previous 30+ years (arguably 70 years since 1878). A strong leader, Ben-Gurion in place for 25 of those years. But, still, the British ruled with iron fist.

The Arabs never had cohesive leadership during those Mandate years. Haj Amin al-Husseini would come the closest, but his Arab Revolt 1936–1939, was just as much a civil war between Arab families for leadership (Husseinis and Nashashibis), as rebellion against the British and terror against the Jews. By the end of that war, any semblance of Arab political leadership was destroyed. The Arab economy was devastated. Neither would recover going into the 1947 Nov UN partition plan.

Haj Amin and his henchman were driven out of Palestine (1939) by the combined forces of the Nashashibis, Jews and British (yes fighting side by side). Haj Amin would join the Nazis in WW2, never to return to Palestine.


The West Bank was annexed by Jordan, the term “Palestine” permanently removed from the conversation. Jordanians administered the area, and never in 20 years was there a peep about Palestinian nationalism nor leadership there. Kind Abdullah I of Jordan would be assassinated by a Palestinian (a member of the Haj Amin’s clan).

Gaza was not annexed by Egypt, but the Egyptians allowed no local governance nor leadership there. A paper “All-Palestine” entity was formed with claims to all of Palestine including Israel, but again, no government nor leaders.


The first decade after the 1967 War, Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza roamed and worked freely throughout Israel. The economy was strong, 40% of Palestinians employed in Israeli proper, and the conditions in the West Bank and Gaza far improving since rule under the Jordanians and Egyptians. A quiet bargain there kept the lid on Palestinian nationalism.

However, that second decade 1977–1988 would see that all unravel. Worldwide recession hit Israel hard, with the Palestinian workers feeling the brunt. Likud came to power, far increasing settlements, and Palestinians hit a ceiling on advancement from menial labor in Israel. The Israelis had their heads up their ass in believing the quiet status quo would last forever. They would brutally try to repress rising Palestinian nationalism, leading to a grass-roots uprising, the First Intifada, that would eventually be hijacked by the PLO-in-Tunisian exile, and Islamists. Arafat would declare Palestinian State in 1988 (but still no political control).


Oslo Accords give Palestinian Arabs control of Area A per that map. The first time in history.


Palestinians gain control of all of Gaza as Israel removes settlements and hands control to the Arabs.


SAif AlshamsiElectronic Engineer, reader, dreamer , planner,

It seems that that you are trying to cover the shinning truth that the Israeli government is oppressing and killing the Palestinian people. Lets not forget the truth that Palestinian is a Palestinian land before the Zionist occupy the country and establish the country of Israel which collect the people all over the world and occupy the land and act as if they own it. The native people have the right to defend themselves against the barbarism of the occupying army of Israel.



There is no truth in that suddenly Jews came in and stole the land; there has always been a Jewish presence in Israel. I should know, my relatives came to Israel from Russia in 1880, which is 70 years before WWII. And they came to already established Jewish towns. Until after the war the numbers were small, but so were the Arabs. And just for a point of reference the Palestinian people until 1948 were the Jews – the Arab were from were called wherever they came from – because they also came and immigrated than. Why? Because Jews started coming in and just like now, where there are Jews around the Arabs have a better life style – jobs and justice; which they don’t have in their own home countries.

The Gazan people are so much better off than all  other Arab countries (even with their great difficulties that mostly – though not totally- put on by their own government). The Gazan government has not paid their water, electric bill in YEARS. Guess who has to pay for it – me! Because I’m an Israeli tax payer. So the companies give water, and electricity at the basic level which isn’t a nice standard – but whose fault is that – the Gazan government. Who gets the blame – us – even when it comes out of our own pockets? You are right I haven’t begun to tell you of the shinning truths of Israel and the wicked government of Gaza, you want to protect. It is too bad you buy their narrative. Because when people stop believing the corrupted Arab governments – the Arab people might find a better life.





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