The Three Sins and Terrorism of Today

Mida K’neged Mida (Measure against Measure)

Torah is the tree of Life and with that, it is understood mitzvot are for the living, and not to do if it will cause death; like fasting on Yom Kipper if one is seriously sick or driving a car on Shabbos, again, if one is in need of emergency in a hospital. Yet there are three exceptions (and that is the way Jews are there is always exceptions and rules that need defining.)

Idolatry extrapolated from Deuteronomy 6:5 “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might”, meaning that one should even surrender his life rather than serve any divinity aside from God.

Murder as the Talmud states further (in Sanhedrin 74a): “It happened with Rava: A man came to Rava and told him that the governor of the city had ordered that he (the man) slay a certain man or himself suffer death, and Rava said to him: ‘Rather than slay another person, you must permit yourself to be slain, for how do you know that your blood is redder than his, perhaps his blood is redder than yours?'”

Sexual immorality

Leviticus Chapter 18, which include adultery with a married woman, various types of incest, sexual relations with a woman in the Niddah state, bestiality, and or homosexuality “thou shall not lie with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination”

And yet today we are faced with these cardinal sins on a daily basis.



People who think they are so intellectual and beyond the ‘mind altering drugs made for the masses’ – belief in G-d, they deny all that G-d has given them with skepticism if not outright denial.  Or the majority of Jews walk around in a dissonance stance.  They believe in G-d, and all His goodness.  They believe that G-d has given Jews an incredible history and love and a clear message to be a light onto the nations.  Yet these same people think nothing of eating pork, shellfish, or meat with cheese and proudly show themselves enjoying these forbidden foods in public forum with no busha. These people will insist that their soon to be spouses who are converted with no intention of keeping mitzvot or even an understanding of a history and Torah, then these same people who have no regard of halacha insist not only their ‘converts’must be recognized as Jews and their children are also, but there is no commitment made by anyone!

Is there another religion in the world that doesn’t demand of their new converts of commitment, expression and/or an act of worship?  Why do these Jews want a spouse to be called a Jew when they have nothing in their lives that is Jewish?  Helping others is a beautiful trait by Jews but thank G-d it has become part of the rest of the world’s lexicon. Thus that being the only mitzvah many Jews think they need to do is Tikun Olam (based on goodness – without any moral compass) does not make them any different than any other nice goy. Wearing tefillin (especially by women) once and a while only when the international cameras are shining on them does not make them necessarily Jews, keepers of mitzvot or religious.

We are surrounded by Idolatry.  These are people who are worshiping themselves and their concept of G-d which they will admit quite openly has nothing to do with the Torah.

And the Jews are being paid back today by goyim who are proudly taking on religious commitment and now insist everyone should follow them.  Women should wear shawls that covered their face or be raped. Men should bow down 5 times or be killed.


Obama has supported more terrorist groups with American money as well as Iran.  European countries have supported Hamas and other terrorist groups with handouts as well as giving the families of the murders new homes when the Israeli government tears down theirs.  How can these nations complain that these murderers come and kill their people?

But also there are movements that are more in protecting animal rights than people’s lives.  It is worse in their eyes a gorilla to be killed for the sake of a 4-year-old, but Israel should not be able to protect themselves from terror tunnels or missiles.  It is forbidden in their eyes that Jews have a sheichta a fast way of killing animals or to be involved with mila – brisim, but they don’t mind being behind the murderers of Israel. These people (read supporters of Bernie Sanders and Jews for BDS) would like to bring down the land of Israel for these killers.

Today the new religious Muslims feel it is their right, the way to serve their new type of G-d, by murdering the infidels.  ISIS has crept in all over the world; from Texas to France, from Hamas to Japan (which wasn’t necessarily part of ISIS but definitely part of the mentality that other people don’t need to live in their definition of the world.

Sexual Immorality

There is a concept in the western world that sexual immortality has no victim so it isn’t a crime, but this is not what the Torah teaches us.  We learn that it actually destroys the world, family by family.

Homosexuality is real in the sense that people have feelings and interest sexually in their own gender, but so what?  Don’t people have an interest in stealing from others? There aren’t men who dream of having relationships with inappropriate people whether it is a teacher a relative, a child, a superstar, an animal?  This does not then give these people the right to steal or have inappropriate relationships, just because they naturally are born with these desires! It means these people have to learn to handle their needs in other ways.

And the new age parent is to support their young teeny boppers sexual desires?  What is wrong with them? To think every 14-year old that expresses an interest in his own kind is by definition a homosexual.  What? You never heard of children just trying out different fantasies? If we believed every fantasy that a 14-year-old is hardcore proof to his sexuality we would have a crazed world (well, we sort of do – don’t we?)

And like it was mentioned before, now ISIS goes around with the thinking they are allowed to rape any and all women, take any woman as his sex slave, or burn them if they resist.

What is my point?

ISIS and all the terror we and the world are facing are our own fault.  How can I say that, well on one level it is always our fault – that is how we are to understand everything.  But why?

Jewish thought is that God relates to us according to our deeds – mida k’neged mida (measure for measure). When something bad happens to us, we are encouraged to look for our actions that will explain why we might be facing such obstacles.  And when the whole world is suffering , it definitely implies that the whole world has problems, but it is the Jews job as the light of the nations, to find what they are doing wrong  first. It is the principle of mida k’neged mida. For any good thing you do, G-d will reward in multiples, and in any bad G-d will repay in the same measure as we sinned.  Thus if we promote the killing of the terminal ill, expect ISIS to kill old priests for no reason.

If we promote and agree to the ‘Jewish’ Idolatry (denying G-d or eating pork proudly in public) then we will be punished with people who will kill us ‘religiously’.  If we promote murder denying the right of Israel and the right to protect our own people than ISIS will penetrate in all the lands and kill indiscriminately.  If we insist all sexual behavior is allowed then they will come and rape our women and children. It is our fault.  Our sins get magnified by the bad guys.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that liberalism is the way to helping people – it is the way of warping the world.

Is this a political piece? Not really.  We can’t vote for Clinton since she with Sanders behind her will follow the direction of Obama and destroy Israel – which I know is hard for American Jewry to hear – but this is and should be a major priority when picking a president, not what gender they are! But unfortunately, it isn’t like there is a better option. So no, I don’t have an answer.

But it is the time that we should examine our own actions; don’t be a hypocrite and eat pork but call yourself a Jew in public.  Don’t create relationships that look like adultery.  We all think just being friends with women and men are fine; but when is the line too close? – just avoid anything that can be read the wrong way. And don’t put animal life before men.  Don’t assume a person who is close to death doesn’t deserve a natural death.  (Didn’t say a person needs a heroic death but they shouldn’t have the plug pulled and be murdered!)  We must recognize that our enemy is really us – and we need to uproot the evil that is in our thinking.

Our actions speak louder than words.


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