Jewish Concept of Hell

A Jewish story. One time a man we’ll call Mike, was invited by one of G-d’s assistants (angel) to come and see heaven and hell so he could choose which place he wanted to aim for. First, he was brought to hell. The room was set for a large beautiful banquet. Platters of food, luscious fruits, amazing desserts were all laid out on the table. People were all sitting around the table trying to eat. The aroma of the repast was tantalizing. The problem was all the people had large straight sticks tied onto their arms making them impossible to bend and get the food to their mouths. The frustration and cries of hunger were loud and painful to watch.

Then Mike was taken to Heaven. The exact same scene was presented. But there was one difference; the people, who all still had the same straight inflexible arms, were picking up the food and feeding the people across the table. This was Heaven.

One kind of Hell written about is when the sinner sees all his sins and sees how easy it would have been to actually had done well.

There are discussions that there are sinners whose deeds were considered so bad they will suffer for eternity. Most folks, though are given 11 months of what one can call hell; but really it is a washing-of-the-soul kind of process.


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