How is Judaism different from all other Religions?

Judaism is unique from all other religions in many areas. Following are just a few examples:

  1. It really isn’t a religion; it is a people – one gets born into it and passes it down from mother to child. Yet one can convert and join the Jewish people. No one can actually leave and will always be considered Jewish whether they feel that way or not. (Even non-Jews believe that – just look at the Nazi’s laws.)
  2. It is the only ‘religion’ that claims there were over 600,000 witnesses at the point the people were chosen by G-d at Mt Saini. A claim that could be easily proven false, but never has. The holidays of Pesach and Shauvos commemorate this outrageous claim.
    1. Christianity only had three people at the resurrection.
    2. Mohammed is the only one who claimed to have divine direction in the beginning of Muslims.
    3. John Smith is the only one who saw the document in an old language he couldn’t understand according to Mormons.
    4. Hindi and more also all have similar claims
  3. Not totally unique, but tremendously emphasised in Judaism – learning Torah. Everyone is commanded to learn when ever they can. The more one learns the more one can’t help but love and be motivated by the beauty of Torah. I don’t think that is a common thing.
  4. It does not insist that to be a good person and be rewarded with the ‘world to come’ one needs to be Jewish. Everyone has access to rewards by following the mitzvoth – the commandments that are laid down in the Written and Oral law (Torah). Non Jews are given 7 commandments and Jews are obligated to 613 commandments with their many intricate details.

The 7 commandments for non-Jews called Noachide Laws

  1. Do not murder.
  2. Do not steal.
  3. Do not worship false gods.
  4. Do not be sexually immoral.
  5. Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal.
  6. Do not curse God.
  7. Set up courts and bring offenders to justice.

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