Decision Making

“It has a turbo, four gas range, the first one has a double ring and the oven is electric with even distributing properties.”  The salesman went on with all the attributes. Remembering the few things I learned in all my research, “what is the litter usage in for the oven and how many doors does it have?”

Neatly writing everything down in my notebook, I marked down the price, the place, the name and the one great attribute that made it stand out.

I love research.  But whenever it comes to buy, I get confused and invariably pick the last guy who I spoke with who promised me a good price and said it came in white.  I ended up with a whirlpool. A whirlpool oven, who ever heard they made ovens?

This was not the first time I chose something at the last minute without looking into my long drawn out research; my first computer, the fridge, the washing machine even our house and what city to live in.  Yes, of course, we did our research, made a plan, and had a criteria list of why we would one place over another, but at the end; the decision wasn’t truly based on all the material, more on a single point that caught our attention at that last minute.

I know this is a bonanza to the marketing world. This is why they have all their items stacked near the checkout counter to grab for all those last minutes decisions-makers, but it is a little disconcerting to realize that we make decisions in such arbitrary fashion.

Decision making really seems to come from the gut.  Okay maybe all the research got me to the point where I was choosing from the top five ovens that I really liked, but the final decision had nothing to do with logic.

Looking back it seems that is a consistent pattern in our lives.  Did we choose our partners and shidduch for our children the same?  In actuality would it be so wrong?

Facts, logic, and accruing information all have their good points about it, but the true test of what is right is how it makes you feel. Certainly about a date, a spouse, and even employment should be from the gut or rather the heart.  Like many things in life we need to use both strengths to make decisions about everything including the way we act, we decide and how we even raise our kids.

And am I upset with my purchases? I found that since invariably there will never be the perfect appliance I usually pretty happy with most and if not I don’t really think I would make a difference which one I bought.

And since loving our husbands should definitely come from the heart after we made sure all the major details are in place.  I did okay.  More than okay.


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