The Leaner’s Vote

It is the morning after the elections, except it is in Israel – so there is still hours to go until a candidate is picked – but Trump is winning. In fact, the Republican party is winning all over the country.

CBS is running a confessional booth of how they felt about voting. “Can you start this all over?” “I couldn’t choose any of the above.” “I voted for Trump, but don’t tell anyone?  I’m embarrassed.”

What is motivating Americans to be voting against the establishment, against the politically correct, against the media? Is it really that Americans are downright ruthless anti-liberals? Is Trump the revenge of 8 years of Obama? Will a new America be able to strengthen its power in the world that Obama has weakened? Will America be able to unite and grow?

There is a deep anger across America and this was a vote against the establishment of Clinton and Obama. They believed their own media forecasters. Fox news is already celebrating and CNN is claiming they can’t predict until everything is in, but are speaking in depressed voices.

I know there are a lot of disappointed folks, but what is alarming to them, I think, is that there are a lot of happy folks too!

As the author of ‘Leaning to the Write’, why am I calling it ‘The Leaner’s Vote?

One of the spokesmen for CNN admitted he was talking to a bartender in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and asked, “Who do you think is going to win?”

“The leaners.”

“Who are the leaners?” the correspondent asked.

“The ones who lean over and whisper, ‘Trump’.”

No one wanted to admit voting for him. My husband described it as that moment when you stand in line for the major scary roller coaster for three hours and when you finally get there – you start thinking – why am I here?

I think the vote means that people are sick and tired of the politically correct attitude of the liberals and want a president to actually say what he thinks, opposed to someone who never reveals her cards. Yet, blowing off one’s mind is not the proper etiquette.  I hope Trump picks and listens to his advisers wisely.

Now that the country is leaning to the right, I hope we all won’t be left out.



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