Seventy-Five Years Ago from Today

Pearl Harbor.  President Roosevelt called the day infamous and one that will never be forgotten.  Yet, I wonder if there are many who remember it today. In 1941 the world was a terrible place.  Especially for the Jews.  And today 75 years later, I am so afraid we are facing the same issues.  Pearl Harbor was what brought America into the war, which was eventually what was able to allow the Allies to overcome the Nazi regime, thank G-d.

Today we have more infamous days since then; the 6-day war, the assassination of Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Rabin, murders at Columbine School, Kent State, Hurricane Katrina, Waco, and more, but I think most of all 9/11 is the date that shifted recent history. Throughout time, there are days that change the world, usually not for the good.  But Pearl Harbor, as bad as it was for America, really didn’t compare to the damage wrought by dropping the atom bomb on the same Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor, nor the murders of Hitler or Stalin for that matter. And it was about time America entered the war.  Staying neutral is rarely possible, and ultimately it  is really choosing a side, the wrong one.

It is imperative to learn from the past.  Today we can’t sit back and allow the modern day neo-Nazis, ISIS, just gather strength. I hope the nations today will learn from Pearl Harbor and the country’s mistake.

And on the personal level, it behooves us to recognize what is pulling us down, not allowing us to grow and disengage with the negative and find the system to change.




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