The Writing on the Wall

Meryl Streep was afraid to mention that Jerusalem is part of Israel. (Not that she is alone – the Democratic Party, with Obama overtures supports this view.) Left wing American Jews admit that Obama has been terrible for Israel, but can’t seem to understand why that should concern them too much. The Women of the Wall who claim that the Kotel is so important to them hasn’t seen any reason to respond to the UNESCO anti-Israel vote that not only denies the Jewish connection to the Kotel but would also make the Kotel out-of-bounds to any Jew (not just the Haredi type that the WOW hate. Their only agenda is to not allow Haredim to daven at the Kotel the way Jews have always prayed.  As far as they are concerned – no one should pray at the wall it should just become a tourist site.). Their attitude is like the false mother of Shlomo’s time – they only want the Haredim to be denied what is important to them. There are anti-Israel people everywhere, on the extreme right and the major left. But what is worst is when it is from our own people like the leftist of American Jews (impartiality leads to anti behavior), B’Tselem, New Israel Fund,  ‘break the silence’ groups, and the many ignorant BDS American Jews on college campuses who are all supported by Israel’s enemies.

Having discussions and differences of opinion is not a problem.  It actually is the normalcy for Jews through history.  If you ever entered a beis medresh, you would get it – Jews like to argue – loudly! But to be anti-Israel which Obama has been for the past eight years, for women of the wall seem to be if they can’t recognize a problem with the UN vote, which BDS, New Israel Fund, B’Tselem and all the other groups whose main objective is to hurt Israel – this is unforgivable.  Not that it is new, during the World WarII Reform head Stephen Wise would not allow the Orthodox rescue groups try to help Jews get out of Europe.  Dr. Solly Meyer head of the Zionist organization in Switzerland prevented the exchange of trucks for 1000’s of Jewish lives. They did not help prevent Jews being slaughtered and thus were part of the problem.  These new groups are of the same ilk and are culpable for the killing of Jewish lives and encouraging terror.

Israel needs to be protected.  It is not another nation like any other.  Israel belongs to every Jew, which means it should be important to every Jew.  If Obama was bad for Israel, then it means Obama was bad for Jews – all Jews.  Leftist American Jews who think all the other issues that are facing the American people are more important are fooling themselves – just like the German Jews in the 1930’s.  IF these Jews don’t support Israel when needed – what will happen if (and most likely when) Jews will need a place to escape from the terrible onslaught that is facing the world today- how do they expect to have Israel waiting for them if they don’t support her! What would have been if there had been Israel when Nazi Germany’s killing machine was at the height of power? Do you think America really cares about its Jews that they will prevent another holocaust? Then how could the president of United States just declare the Kotel, and half of the country where Jews live as illegal?

See the writing on the Wall!




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