Love or Hate – the New President

A right winger Israeli’s point of view


I don’t think two presidents have elicited more hate or love then Trump and Obama.  No one has stayed neutral. And probably no two presidents have more difference in approach, background or candor.

Obama a slick, smooth, funny, personal, intellectual who fulfilled the iconic dream of a black president stabbed us (Jews who love Israel – which honestly should be every Jew )  repeatedly on the back from the moment he got in office eight years ago – when he passed Israel on a Middle East tour and only welcomed and encouraged friendship with Arab countries to his last disastrous act of abstaining in the UN vote against Israel.  He tried to befriend countries that have no civil rights for anyone who is not the ‘right’ type of Muslim,  to any women or know the meaning of democracy. But he made it clear, on the other hand, that he was against Israel. He has been a horrible president for Jews. And to see liberal Jews cry, protest (on Shabbos, mind you) who can’t stand to hear the name of our new President is seeing the splitting of an already tiny people.

Believe me, I get it. I understand why people are angry.  For the last eight years that is exactly how we have been feeling.  To give honor and admiration to a man whose whole agenda was to destroy Israel reminds me of the party that Ahasuerus had for the Jews in the story of Purim. Everyone was invited; the king even provided kosher food, kosher wine and special seats for his Jewish constituents – but what was the purpose of the party? To celebrate the destruction (and what he thought was the non-fulfilment of the prophecy of the return) of the Temple. And the Jews were punished for going to the party with complete destruction until they repented.

In Obama’s administration he gave generously to Israel, but partly to compensate the deal he settled with Iran (modern Persia – where the story of Purim took place) (which ultimately gives Israel’s enemy the power to destroy her in 10 years). He went out of his way to antagonize Israel not only the home for any Jew but the only Democracy in the world.  He declared the settlements the evil of the world.  Terrorism can’t hold a knife-point to the wickedness of building Jewish homes.  (Didn’t Bilam say something similar?)

So, of course, we right-wingers are thrilled to have Trump.  Okay, Trump is not such a smooth talker, you know he is the sort that actually says what he means whether anyone wants to hear it or not. He is rough, loudmouth, wary of Muslim refugees or really any refugees. He is a womanizer (but so has almost all other presidents from FDR to Kennedy and especially Clinton). But Trump is a breath of fresh air.  I don’t mean to say I think one shouldn’t guard his speech and speak of other people in such a derogatory way to Muslims, Women, Handicap people, soldiers and everyone else Trump has insulted. But seriously did you notice the pattern – he insults everyone at times.  He doesn’t actually hate anyone particularly.  He acts a bit childish screaming off insults when he feels disrespected.  But he recognizes good advice and has picked a large range of people to guide him.  (They don’t seem to be – so far- parrots like Obama’s advisors – the worst being Clinton.)  He definitely needs to be smoothed down, carefully guided and taught to have a thicker skin.  But Clinton and Obama who talk the right talk, inside are evil, corrupt and Jew-haters and thus much more dangerous.

Trump doesn’t value the entertainment community at all and certainly wouldn’t give them the importance that Obama did. This alone should strikingly speak the whole difference between the two men.  Actors, actresses, singers, rock stars, (seriously, Madonna’s point of view should not be important to anyone) can not be the American spokespeople.  They are only entertainers.  Obama who speaks only superficially; feels close to them. He talks the right talk and thus loves Hollywood. Trump, instead, chose simple people to sing at his inauguration in a national choir.  Enough with the dazzle, onto the love of people.

The left dominant media is still and will continually point out all of Trump’s embarrassing statements – and never point out any good.  But that is a democracy.  And because it is a democracy I hope those who enjoyed Obama for eight years trying to destroy the only democracy in a world of terrorists, will allow right-wingers the right to mention his name without being attacked with venom. Because although Trump does not have the right background, mannerism, and diplomatic way of speaking is proof he is not a politician – just a regular man who loves his country. And knows who his friends are; like Israel.

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