High Heels

The day finally happened.  My almost seventeen-year-old daughter bought her first pair of high heels.  Both my husband and I tried to discourage her, but I knew it would be eventually a losing battle.

I actually never had real high heels, maybe all of a half inch high, I think I was afraid any taller and I could fall. It can’t be denied there is this feeling once you put on those heels that suddenly a girl feels prettier, taller, more feminine, feel a shift to the way they walk. I would love wearing heels to parties, events and I was sure it made me look like an enchanted woman.

Once I was married and living on the third floor, I realized that I became person-non-grata as my heels would click right through the neighbors ceiling.  It wouldn’t last long, though, I’m too much into ‘comfort over beauty’, and my clip-on earrings and high heals both come off in an hour’s time. But I knew my daughter is not like me, definitely, a believer of ‘it hurts to be beautiful’ type and she is a bit short, even more reason to want the extra height.  We try to tell her the damage she would be doing to her back, her knees, besides her feet, but she didn’t want to hear. She did lean to our desires just a bit; the heels are not the pencil type but built on a bit of platform so the height is evenly spread.

She is beautiful. But what makes her beauty shine? Is it her hair set just right with the few strands left to fall over her face? Is it her nice figure, which she dresses to suggest but not to show?  Is it her makeup that she uses sparingly, but brings out her smile and bright hazel eyes? Or is it the high heels, which now give her a little more height and a swaddle?

Now, I know I am her mother, but let me tell you, which you probably realized already, she is beautiful because she sparkles when she is excited, she smiles when she looks at her friends and loved ones, she laughs when she enjoys life.  She is a beautiful person inside. She doesn’t need the heels.

But women are like that; we use fashion, makeup, jewelry, fancy hairdos and high heels to feel good about ourselves so we can actually show our inner beauty. I hope she will realize sooner than later, that her inner beauty will always be greater in value than anything she will adorn or wear. Even her new high heels.





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