Dear Liberal American Jew,

I realize most of you are still crying over the fact that Trump has won and you even have some legitimate worries about in health, arts, and other issues. But what I don’t understand is how you don’t care about Israel, your country.  Obama was the worst president for Israel since the Israel was established. (And Hillary or even worse Burnie Sanders would have continued along the same path – she was secretary of state – and was horrible not only to Israel but even to America’s own ambassador)

Even if you didn’t notice how he bow down to the Arabs (literally in Egpyt right after he was elected) and figuratively as the rest of his career showed) changing the American dynamics for the first time since Israel became a country. How didn’t you notice how Obama mistreated Netanyahu? Somehow you didn’t pay attention when Obama equated the building of houses equal to suicide killing. Or you couldn’t understand that the plan to put Israel back to the 1967 borders before any discussion began was not the way to negotiate. Then at least you might have noticed the vote in the UN counsel AGAINST ISRAEL right before his term ended and the giving of money to the tune of millions on Obama’s last day as president! His actions should have clued you in how bad Obama was for Israel. That means he was against the Jews – you can’t separate the two.

And Trump in just a few months is making the UN recognize how skewed their voting patterns have been.  Finally, legislation calling Israel apartheid was rejected.  That is huge!!  That America’s secretary of state and ambassador to Israel do not want to consider only a two-state situation but actually might consider a real peace; is huge!  (Even if you think the two-state compromise is the answer – you don’t come to the bargaining table with that already set – it leaves not flexibility.)

If you think vetting immigrants is wrong – why?  Should the country allow terrorists in with no compunction? But how do we know these refugees are terrorist or rapiers – we don’t that is why you need to vet them.  Get it.  It is simple- yet the political correctness has filled liberal minds, so they act against themselves.  Letting in Muslim terrorist is in no way the same as letting in Jews during the Holocaust – (which for the record America didn’t!). Jews were never a threat. They were not known to rape and kill people.  And sorry to inform you if you hadn’t notice almost all terrorists today are Muslim. You want to say there are Muslims who don’t support terrorism – of course, you are right – that is why vetting is so important.  Ask the non- radical Muslim population – they don’t want those people in either.

And liberals knock down Fox News as insignificant and bias.  Excuse me!  What is CNN? What is the New York Times? What is the Washington Post?  Not bias? Give me a break!  If there is a way they can find fault with Israel or Trump (or times no fault is needed), they will blame Israel and Trump for everything. How many articles start with ‘Palestinian killed’ and he was the terrorist!  If you support these media – you are buying into a big lie. They would like nothing better than to support BDS and all the other anti-Israel groups – you as a Jew stand with that? Buy into that?  How can you hate your own people?  Not that it would be unprecedented. There have always been Jews that turn against the Jewish people; history does not look kindly on them.

Don’t you remember the words of Hillel? “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14 Yes, liberal Jews very nobly remember the 2nd line well – if I am only for myself.  But you must first do the beginning line, ‘if I am not for myself – WHO WILL BE FOR ME?’.  And that is where Political correctness and liberal Jews are so wrong.

You must make Israel a priority.  Number 1 priority. Or you will become the Jew in Germany who thought Berlin was there ‘New’ Jerusalem and the Germans were too civilized to hurt a Jew.  We only have one Jerusalem. We are the ones who need to protect Israel. Unlike ever before, we now have a place to call home for when the Nazis, Inquisitionists, the Polish, the Czar, the Romans, Greeks, or whoever the new enemy that will come like all the other nations who have tried to annihilate us.  And don’t think somehow the world is new, better and less anti-Semitic –have you read the news (well beyond the liberal media who could care less about a Jew’s life.)?

Are those other issues not important? Of course, they are important.  And the budget needs to be approved by the Senate and the House which will take much time and you definitely can let your senator’s know how you feel.  But you must put our Jewish life first, as priority one, because honestly if Israel doesn’t have America’s support – who will be to blame? You!!

And although Trump is rough and unskilled as a speaker and leader, he has been already the best friend Israel has had  – certainly in a decade!  And for that alone liberal Jews should stop running him down. Have karas hatov – gratitude.  The more you thank him – the more he may understand your agendas. That is the way of people. And you know why that method might work because Trump isn’t a polished politician; he is more a real person than any president before. Take advantage.


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