The Anger of a Conservative

Political Correctness and all that is wrong about it.


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My daughter, a mother of 3, was driving alone (thank G-d she didn’t have the kids with her) when she passed an Arab high school, which she needs to go by every time she leaves her yashuv (small town.) Three boys stood there as she took the bend waiting for her with rocks in their hands. She saw them but realized there was nothing she could do and prayed the damage would only be on her car.  She was blessed. Her windshield which is government issued ‘shatter-proof’ from rocks, meaning a rock can penetrate the window (and G-d forbid can kill someone if thrown hard enough or hit in a vulnerable spot) was hit on the passenger side. The window itself stayed somewhat intact.  (Pictures are included to see the damage.)  Every bump she hit afterward a little glass would be knocked off the web-like fissure falling into the empty passenger seat.

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Considering the fear and danger, she remained in control. She drove to the army who told her to report it to the police. By the time she got to Betar’s just recently moved police station to represent all the gush area in my city, they had pictures of her car.  My daughter will need to pay the 6000nis on her own and G-d willing the government will pay back at some future date. My daughter is a victim of the courageous acts Linda Sarsour encourages in her speeches across America’s college campus, as well as the actions rewarded by the Palestinian government.

Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of ...   Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas 

On college campus across America women like Linda Sarsour, an Arab woman who supports female mutilation, terrorism, praises murderers, and honors death to anyone who is for the Jewish people is welcomed with open arms on the college campus.  However, Vice President Pence, (a very nice person in his own right), college students cannot stand the thought of sharing the same room with him.  So when asked to speak at a college graduation, the students walked out.

The new moral code of American youth (the millennium) ‘political correctness’ is corrupted, immoral, bankrupt of any true value and misguided. Those students who can’t hear the name of Trump or be in the presence of the American Vice President, or listen to right wing speakers that might have a different opinion than them, but can accept murders as their leaders are such a scary picture of America’s future.

Even left wing, a writer for the liberal Jewish Journal, David Suissa was shocked by a UCLA Professor Saree Makdisi and English professor, with a Lebanese background, who in a debate asked, “What’s wrong with Jews being a minority in Israel?” Trying to excuse the crazy suggestion, Suissa suggests that perhaps the professor thought he was addressing an Arab audience (opposed to the Jewish population that was there).  Is that an excuse?

Decency, Manners, Balanced viewpoints, the college students of today should be disciplined, shaken up to learn what is right and wrong and be taught political correctness should not be used as a moral compass. Morality is determined if it is universal and accepted as a norm in society.  Political correctness is constantly changing and on a continual search of finding a new norm.  A new group of people who have supposedly been shunned and thus in the new ‘moral’ age of now their rights needs to be exonerated.  If they had been accused in the steeped old day thought processes as being sinful, then surely today they are now heroes and should be our leaders. Everything notion is right without any proof, unless of course you are republican, religious, or disagree with them.

Moreover, while I am ranting and raving about the millennium generation (just love that term) I have another observation.  There is no depth.  (Not too surprising since dialogue is forbidden.) There is not a + b = c understanding.  Without knowledge of the history of what has come before or to recognize the implication of actions, people remain rudderless and in a quagmire.

It is a new world with no points of decency, righteousness or moral barometers to judge by.  Judgment is only against those who demand truth to be eternal ordained by G-d.  Everyone else: they just stick to their rights and feel they don’t have any obligations.

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