Jew or Jewess?

I don’t mind being called a Jew or Jewess. I am proud to be a Jewish women and thus if Jewess declares that meaning – why not. Women have a distinct role in Judaism and should not be offended to be reminded of their difference from men.

TheTisch: Rabbi Menachem Creditor's Blog: Articles on Women and Kippot

Jewish women would be much better off trying to learn and fulfill the feminine role opposed to trying take on the men’s position and special halachos. Women do not need to have a minyan, wear tefillin, tzitzit or a kippah. But women should pray daily, bring in Shabbos with lightening candles before the onset of Shabbos, keep the laws of Tahara Mishpacha, know the laws of challah, kashrus, Shabbos and all the other halachos that pertain to women special or together with men.

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Judaism only survives because of the Jewish family; a man, woman, and their children. In other words, the Jewish nation is here because Jews and Jewess bring their Jewish children up in the Jewish tradition.

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