A Lesson from Snap Judgments

National fake news teaches us not to make snap judgments.


Story after story from the left media that has been against Trump and the Republicans has been proven to be false, made up or not a story.  It is from a hatred of Trump.  Incitement, impeachment, and other idiotic statements are continually blasted from every outlet. The crazy Bernie Sanders supporter that took shooting practice at the Republican baseball team was affected by these provocations.

The left does not know how to lose gracefully.  They stand at right-wing speakers and shout them down – thinking they have a right. (They are wrong.  No one has the right to shout down others; they have a right to listen, argue, and disagree.)

Believe me, most right-wingers were very upset to have Obama in office for eight years and for good reason he destroyed America’s standing in the international arena.  There were not demonstrations, picketing or pleas for impeachment.  People did not walk out when any of the staff members were speaking in any form.  There was not a daily dose of false news as there is today.

The entire political rampage the left has thrust at the national and international scene has caused a deep hatred in the American society.  There has always been division, different approaches and values in the country (in fact there once a war).  However, most times the country has acted democratically.  These false stories (fake news, as it is called) are feeding hatred in America that has not been seen in a long time.

There is a lesson deep in this muck.  How to improve my not speaking lashon hora skills. Since the media is so quick to find fault no matter how outrageous the story, it reminds me how important it is not to believe everything we hear.  About anyone!

I know anytime I heard Obama’s name in the same sentence with Israel – it was not going to bear well for us.  Just his name brought me to anger, and therefore it was hard to hear anything possibly could be good in his name.  I’m sure some day even Republicans will find something good about him. The same is true by Trump.  (Already seen is the amazing work of his UN ambassador Nikki Haley. She has made it clear the Israel bashing in the UN needs to be changed. She is a reason to shout for joy).

The halacha is that if someone is a rasha – a wicked one – then you don’t have to assume that anything he does is righteous – even if it looks like it.  The opposite is true for the Tzadik, even if you were to see a prestigious rabbi walk into a treif restaurant you are to assume there was a good reason.

When it comes to a benoni a person in the middle, where some of his actions are not great, and some are good, one is to give him the benefit of the doubt.   However, (as I learned once by R. Anthony Manning) one doesn’t have to judge him favorably across the board.  If you know he is weak in one area; then you can assume that the action you saw was probably not the best.

I’m not going to decide if either our presidents are closer to any of these definitive descriptions.  However, the important thing to learn from the media and their behavior is we should not be jumping to snap judgments. Perhaps we should be assuming that anything reported should be suspect of being false, exaggerated or at least missing a few details.  We (meaning I) need to react to all news, descriptions, or ‘gossip’ heard about anyone.  We should not make snap judgments.

As Rebbetzin Samet used to say in her amazing speeches about Lashon Hora, ‘we came in at Chapter Two.’ We just don’t ever know the whole story.

This doesn’t mean we can think that Obama had his best interest for Israel – because in that department he proved himself wicked.  We can assume that he really cared for the people of America, as the same as President Trump.

When seeing an Arab woman like Linda Sarsour telling of horrible lies about Israel, we can assume she is lying and wicked.  This though does not mean another Arab woman who has something to be said is of the same mindset.

On the personal level, when I hear noise in the kitchen in the middle of the night, I shouldn’t assume that one of my kids got home later than expected.  Maybe it was a cat, someone got up just recently, or the same someone just finished learning and hadn’t realized the time.  I am trying to step away from snap judgments that plague my emotions and fill my heart with anger.  Who knows, I probably got it wrong in the first place.

Learning not to make snap judgments should improve my emotional temperament and give me the clarity to see the good in others. Something that would be nice to be seen even at the national level too.






One thought on “A Lesson from Snap Judgments

  1. did you listen to the podcast?

    And btw, story after story about Trump has not been proven to be false. Some are, sure, but there is a lot of good reporting and delving that goes into many news stories, about who he is indebted to, the way he is earning money in his various investments which is against all ethics clauses and probably the emmolliance clause of the constitution, the way he winks and nods to white supremacists, the constant stream of lies, including over stupid stuff lije how many people are in the inaugural crowd to illegal voting and his misrepresentation over Cindy’s firing. Non of this reporting is fake or wrong. So just because he is good for Israel, doesn’t mean he is good for this nation. He has not been so.

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