The Kotel Controversary Continues

Below are the responses to a couple of articles who are still demanding Israel reject a 3500-year tradition (that is men and women separate when praying). Reform has had abysmal failure in passing on their traditions. Intermarriage rates over 60% and children leaving the fold.  Besides the many who have sided with the Palestinian lies with no serious back up of knowledge due to the liberal university’s political correctness policies.

The two articles I responded to (written below with links if you want to check it out) are written by people I admire.  The first has a comment from an old and valued friend who is the grandson of the great innovator Jacob Blaustein.  The other is Professor Allen Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School – one of the most articulate speakers in this generation.

Although I disagree with both men, it is utter respect, and only in dialogue.  Tell me what you think.

Going to the Wall

by Francine Klagsbrun


This is a fallacy to think Orthodox called their brothers by horrible names. I am Orthodox and I have never heard of such language. It is true there is anger that the Reform have destroyed the Jewish people – look at the statistics barely 30% of this generation will marry a Jew and it has been proven the children of such marriages are not interested in being Jewish. In my book, that spell failure big time. The Orthodox, on the other hand, are multiplying and are not trying to quickly change to keep up with political correctness.


Yet, any person whose mother was Jewish is a Jew, regardless whether they keep kosher, Shabbos, or any of the other mitzvahs that are given to us for the Torah. In fact, out of the 613 mitzvot, many of them are not kept today because we don’t have a Temple. Those walls are surrounding that Temple that we are missing.  We pray the building of the new Temple so we will merit the possibility of keeping all the mitzvot.  The Reform do not pray for the return of the Temple, and actually, they despise the concept – yet suddenly they need to pray at the Kotel – the western wall surrounding and protecting the Temple?  Do you realize the hypocrisy underplaying this controversy?  When the UN voted against the Kotel and its environs as a Jewish symbol; did the Women of the Wall protest? Did the Reform? No!  They don’t care. It is only a stage for protest.


The Robinson Arch sanctuary is so large and set aside for those who want to have egalitarian services. How do I know it is so large? Because it lies empty, except for a few bar mitzvahs once and awhile. It is hard to see anyone there. The Reform does not care about praying at the wall unless there are news cameras to catch the sight of women wearing tefillin. (It would be nice to see some Reform men wearing tefillin as well.) It is all a spectacle. Anat Hoffman (WOW) and rabbi Jacobs (reform) made a clip to show off the smallness of size of the platform.  They lied!!!  They showed only the tiny platform (large enough to stand a minyan of people) that one can stand and touch the stones of the Wall. They did not show the much larger and beautiful platform that 100 people could stand on with shade, chairs, and a bina!


The only thing that has changed is the entrance is not going to go over the land where the Arabs like to climb to the top, but instead, the area has its own simple entrance. The wooden structure is over the very rocks that the Romans threw down on Tish B’Av when they destroyed the Temple in 70AD. History is part of the very sight.


Most Israelis do not want to pray in an egalitarian place – the majority prefers the Orthodox shuls (to be the shul they don’t go to). If the reform wants so much power to have a say in internal affairs – come, make aliyah, and make a party. Otherwise, remember this is a democratic JEWISH state. Money is nice, but it isn’t everything.


I’m sure when Jacob Blaustein came he was respectful of the minyan that was being held there then. Moreover, I’m sure he didn’t come with the news reporters of the world to show off some sacred ritual being done wrong. He came with honor and intention to pray to the G-d that gave us his Torah.

Discussion on Algemeiner 

Alan Dershowitz: So Now American Zionists Want to Boycott Israel

Comment by Tziyona Kantrowitz Still Pending


I love listening to Alan Dershowitz and am inescapable logic and wisdom. However, this time I think he got it wrong.

Israel is not America. It is a democracy (and actually a much more legitimate democracy since there are more than two parties), but it is not a place where there is freedom of religion. It is a Jewish state, the only Jewish state in the world.

That means the Jewish protocol is respected. All government meetings and across the board are kosher, and the government does not function on Shabbos. That means shuls, and religious places are protected by the government and kept with an official Orthodox look (men and women separated). In addition, because it is a democracy as well, it proves to be the way most Israelis like it. In Israel, unlike America, but more in tune with other Jews around the world, the orthodox system is the shul that Israelis don’t go to. (They do not find reform or conservative legitimate at all.)

This doesn’t go against that Israel has become the safest and best place for growth for Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. It is a pluralistic government when it comes to other religions, but it will not become pluralistic when it comes to Judaism. As we have seen the demise of the Jewish people through the followings of the Reform, who don’t even want to live in the land of Israel but feel perfectly capable of telling Israel what to do. The Reform and followed by the Conservative movements have brought havoc on to the Jewish people. Their stance about the Kotel is particularly ridiculous, since most Reform do not care about the Temple, which is what the Kotel is all about, nor do they find it important to pray at the wall unless news cameras are watching.

The ultra-religious do not wield an unhealthy control over anybody, they have the same power as any other small (and we are talking about small) party. However, all and all, the Israeli mindset is not into integrating the Kotel for some radical women who put on tefillin once a month for the TV cameras. They like the Kotel as is.


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