Are “All animals created equal, just some are more equal”?


Do Liberals think they know what is right for everyone else?

Do we want the government to decide what we can teach our children? Do we want governments to decide whether a person has to be taken off of life support?

That is what is happening in England.

Not only are they thinking of closing religious schools because Jewish schools refuse to teach their children in elementary schools about LGBT concerns. They are also demanding that children as young as four should choose what gender they are. That we believe Hashem created a person male or female has no weight with these liberal thinkers.

The English government has also become the decision maker who can decide death for very sick children over offering the parents another chance of hope. In addition, the English courts have even held up the doctor’s demand to turn off life support against the parent’s decisions.

Now, there is a ‘pledge’ being sought by liberal Jews to demand religious schools to accept their ‘coming out of the closet’ students.  There is nothing wrong with schools offering help to young teenagers who are being bullied, feeling marginalized, or whatever a young adult might be going through.  But to allow liberals to decide what is bullying, what is allowed in a religious school when they have no belief in the entire system is dangerous.

First of all, I believe the LGBT movement has done a terrible disservice to young people. The idea that a child fifteen or under is declaring what sexual orientation he is – is already a sign there is something wrong with this liberal ‘everything goes’ society.  Teenagers have many hormones that fly throughout his body causing him to have mood swings, anger issues, and various sexual desires that he has never felt before.  It is normal!!.  Because suddenly a boy has a desire to be with another boy, does not make him a homosexual.  It makes him interested in another human being whether it is a teacher, friend or an adult.  No one should be labeling teenagers anything. Not by themselves and certainly not for others! Give them a break.

The concept that a young child at age four might call himself the opposite sex or play with traditional toys is also extremely normal. It is a crime when people in authority attach great significance to curiosity.  Adults (and not even the child’s parents) can decide a child needs a sex change is a world of ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Brave New World’ or the worst fear of communism.  These people are crazy!

If we are talking about young adults who decide they are gay, then the religious world has to deal with his needs.  Meaning because homosexual relations are forbidden, he must learn other ways of dealing with his desires.  Should he get married (obviously to a woman) or should he learn to cope in other ways?  Since Torah is eternal, being gay doesn’t suddenly make it less forbidden.  Just like a pedophilia is forbidden to act out on his desires.  What is the difference?  People claim that one has a victim and one doesn’t, so it should make a difference.  But that is the reason we need to be told in such clear terms that homosexuality is an abomination.  We all know that pedophilia is an abomination and do not need to be told that, so it is not stressed (though forbidden) in Torah.  We are taught that homosexuality is in the same category, even though you as a mere passionate human might think differently.

There once was a sincere not so young man that came to a baeli teshuva yeshiva to learn about Yiddishkeit.  He was gay.  Yet, he realized that if he was earnest about his desire to follow the Torah he needed guidance.  He asked for help from the rabbis.  They told him he shouldn’t marry a woman if he had no desire for her. In addition, he was advised to find other outlets for his needs.

He actually started a movement for gay orthodox men.  They seek company from each other, hire masseuses to give them back massages, but do not indulge in sex. Why? Because they realize they have been chosen with this special package from Hashem.  Just like a person who suffers depression, diabetes, or abusive parents.  We are all given our own set of problems that we need to grow through to become greater people and serve Hashem.

As Rav Feldman, Rosh Hayeshiva of Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, A Torah View on Homosexuality wrote:

“God does not place people into situations in which they are forced to violate a prohibition of the Torah. Man never loses his free choice; … There are, without doubt, situations in which the temptation to sin is overwhelming, but never does man forfeit the free choice to control himself and, more so, to use his foresight to avoid such a situation.


As it is known, many people have all sorts of urges, which may have to be repressed and redirected in appropriate directions. For example, those “whose nature inclines them to shed blood should become ritual slaughters and circumcisers and surgeons. … Their main trial in the world is to direct their innate qualities towards the good.”


G-d didn’t get it wrong.  We may not have gotten the right message.


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